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    I am. I have so many memories I treasure, such as:

    1. Going to Sweden every summer as a kid and wandering around the woods
    2. Going to Ireland virtually every year as an adult
    3. Memories of primary school and smelling the freshly cut grass every summer at breaktime
    4. My memories of all my night classes: I LOVED those classes
    5. Remembering the old library: I really miss that library – although the new building is brilliant
    6. Remembering walking the dog one night with my sister and mum – I’ll never forget that night
    7. Going on the swings as a kid and playing in the playground every Sunday
    8. Church every Sunday morning – hence my leaning towards religion
    9. Going to my social club and seeing Michael every week – the one I lost to Dementia
    10. Staying the night at a friend’s house as a teenager a lot – she had been a brilliant, funny friend

    The memories go on and on, but these are mine. Because I am an incredibly nostalgic person. I treasure many memories in my life so far. What about you?


    At first thought I would say no but then… I thought about it and I suppose yes I have some treasured memories.

    Loads of little things from the children like when my son seriously asked my husband.. daddy when you were little and the dinosauruses were around did you live in a house or a cave?

    How each Christmas I would send the children to bed  and my husband to the pub or to friends while I decorated the tree all on my own. The next morning I would wake the children  but have the curtains drawn and the lights off so that the only lights they saw were those on the tree ,,, their little faces would glow with excitment and we would have current buns for breakfast to welcome the coming of Christmas.

    Many triggered by walks I used to do with dogs now past. Rememebering how Remy dug up a frog just there or Benny (who went blind) walked straight into the pond just there or how Oscar loved to swim in the spot Murphy now does.

    Many more by music. Learning to play chess with my father by the fireside with Bizet’s  Carmen thundering away..

    Hearing the song Vincent by Don McClean and yet only hearing my fathers voice singing those poignant and fitting words.

    The rolling stones Paint it black filling the Church when my brother was laid to rest ..

    Over the rainbow  …if that song plays I have to walk away and I cant see the ending of Meet Joe Black anymore ( love that film) because the music will have me in floods of tears …its Oscars song you see and I still miss him so much.

    I have small keepsakes too, my fathers pen. My stepmother gave it to me after he died and told me that every time he used it he said how sorry he was for accusing me of loosing it (it had fallen down the lining of our sofa) now when I hold it I know he was thinking of me. It brings him to life just for a second a tall, red haired, singing, mad, happy (depressed) man.. Crazy but I loved him.

    I suppose I chose to keep the good the happy or the special things , bad times I tend to put to one side I know they are there but I cant change them and dwelling would only cause hurt so I let them rest.




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    Those are beautiful, bittersweet memories, Cassandra. Memories are precious and – even today – we create new memories. Nostalgia is wonderful – yet again – bittersweet. Because I love those memories and my time in Sweden. Ireland was in later years, but equally as special.

    Life goes on yet I never forget the special times: and I have had many special times in my life.


    Funnily I had to really think about this. Sometimes I get really nostalgic, often even for things that I have never known, like when I play my 78’s from earlier times and imaging things from those times. I cannot possibly be remembering true events (at least not to me). Things happen at odd moment too, like when I was running beside a stray dog I was taking home to it’s owner recently. It’s years since I have run with a dog. Lovely memories! At other times I push the past aside to live for the future.

    Living fairly close to where I grew up I do think back when I am there, but much has changed. The way I see things is also sometimes different and a lot of the meaning has gone. I don’t think it helps that anyone I speak to around there tends to be recent residents rather than old families. Such is the pace of change and new building here. So sad 🙁 .


    I’m extremely nostalgic, I just love that feeling when a smell or sound brings you back to something.  I can’t think of anything specific off the top of my head, but sometimes I just get this sensation of nostalgia, and it’s more of a feeling really than a memory for me.


    Memories are precious. Nostalgia comes naturally to me. It is not just a memory either: it is a feeling, an excitement and bittersweet emotions in your mind. I have so many wonderful memories: and this thread has made me realize just what a fabulous life I’ve been having. This – in turn  – makes me realize I need to treasure the moment more. I wouldn’t say walk around like Pollyanna and pretend to be happy, happy, happy: but to enjoy precious moments more and live in the moment, if that makes sense. I certainly do not want to run away from my memories.

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    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    I am glad I started this thread. There are so many memories to treasure. Life can be beautiful.

    I look forward to reading more of yours.

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