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    An easy answer for me: yes.

    In spite of my problems, I am happy. I feel blessed, even though people put me through tough times. People have given me a hard time in the past: and no doubt always will. But I have my own home/friends/work/hobbies. Maybe even children one-day!

    If you are happy – or even more happy than unhappy – what are you happy with? Your work? Your family?

    I look forward to your replies.

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    If I sat back and focused on the negatives I could have the hugest depression. But you know what? I have a decent roof over my head and an income that means that we are able to  eat well and are able to take little outings. I live in a beautiful place and no longer work and Im free to go out with my husband everyday walking our dogs in this fabulous countryside of course I’m happy.

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    Yet another post I agree with Cassandra. I couldn’t have put it better.

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    I must admit, I’d like to be more happy than I am. But I know drugs/alcohol/sex/money can’t buy it. I do always seem to be near happy, when suddenly my mind intervenes and I am not happy anymore. I am almost happy: but feel it is often taken away somehow. I don’t want to build my castle on a bed of sand. I do also believe that happiness comes from the soul: comes from within. But I often mix materials with happiness. When – in fact – the two don’t go together. But I can’t let go of wanting materials. It is a little confusing. But I look to my soul and know I will one day be in a happy place.


    I like this post and yes we are happy, especially knowing my house is not flooded out like those poor people in Shropshire. We are financially sound and I could give up work when I want too but you can never have enough money to ride over those bumps in the road of life.


    Hi Mikki,

    Hope this finds you well and  having a good day.

    I loved being a help-meet for my beloved and love being a mom and nana. Most women think materialism makes us happy but it took me down a dark road that left me seeking more truth as to why I am here and what I am suppose to be doing here. Today it makes sense to stay home and not pay more taxes than to go off to work and be in an environment less comfortable than home. As women our place is to help the man in our lives not actually do their job. By excising our Faith in God and being what He has designed us to be I became the happiest I have ever been. Gave up my homegrown business, independence, being bossy, all of that women’s liberation, and became feminine again as God designed us to be. I encourage all women to truly find the happiest they will ever be. Please see link below.



    How to Attract a Real Man.


    I am very aware of the ‘black dog’ that lurks in my mind.  With bi-polor disorder looming large in my family and three suicides because of it I have to be very aware of my MH.

    So it is important to try to find one good thing , just one  each day and let yourself focus on that. Even if its just that you had a lovely bath or a nice lie in or saw the sunshine.

    I have no God in my life so I cant lean on that but for anyone who has faith I would urge them to take the supprot the church and their faith offers them if they are feeling down.

    I dont have a pollyanna view of life but I know if you stare at the darkness long enough it will win so you have to look up and see the sun. Be grateful for all the little things and they will add up and outweigh the bad.

    You can choose to be happy you just have to look into the sun instead of the darkness.

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    I hate that black dog, cassandra: always trying to bring me down.

    Anyhow, I think happiness is about experiences in life and – as you say – looking at the sunshine and not just at the darkness. I am no Pollyanna, but like looking on the bright side: for finding reasons why you’re having a good day can all work.

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    I was reading an article yesterday that was saying walking makes you happy.

    I must say the last few weeks I would beg to differ as the icy rain has hit my head with the force of frozen peas being fired from a BB gun but generally I agree there is nothing like a good walk to blow away the cobwebs and lift the spirits.

    Im really lucky to live in an area that is beautiful and has some great walking routes but anywhere that gets you out and about can reduce blodd pressure reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack improve immune systems and boost serotonine levels.

    Another study showed that the old saying about better to give then recieve was also true. People who recived a gift or compliment felt better for a few days but the giver could still feel the effect of being nice for weeks or even months..

    So go for a walk, hand out compliments and improve your mental health at the same time…


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    Hi Naomi, I am well and yes we should revel in our femininity as much as we can and my hubby supports me in all sorts of ways.


    I’m generally happy.  I agree with Cassandra WRT the many benefits of walking.

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    I have always walked for enjoyment, TestDummyC: I love nothing better than a walk in the park on a sunny day. I don’t even mind walking in the rain sometimes!

    In fact, I love night walking in summer on a clear night. Especially when it’s quiet and you can just hear the wildlife living around you. I’ve always loved going for a walk at night. It’d help if I had a dog, but alas. It is just me walking that footpath underneath the stars and moonlight.

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    Am I happy ?

    I really should be, but I’m not overtly unhappy but not really “running through the meadows” happy either.
    Two failed marriages I think I just lack a meaningful relationship I think. I have my own house, a wonderful platonic friendship with a lovely guy reasonably local who likes to look after me and a “non platonic” arrangement with another guy I see a couple of times a month but it really isn’t going anywhere and a great group of girlie pals. At times I feel selfish as I know there’s loads that like my independence, job and financial security but there’s definitely something missing.


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    I sympathise with you, it is difficult to step up to a more meaningful relationship from a platonic one. However in my experience most men would welcome something more if you hinted at it with a guy you really liked. Good luck Angela x

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    Sorry I should’ve explained, the platonic pal is gay. He’s an effeminate gay type, it’s just like a really good girlfriend x

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