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    If I had to choose which celebrity I am jealous of I’d say Jessica Alba.

    She has perfect lips and gets to wear lipstick. She is a top Hollywood actress. She has unbelievable confidence. She has millions and millions of dollars. Who wouldn’t go green?

    The  celebrity you’re jealous of and why?


    I dont do the whole celeb thing as a rule but if I was jealous it would be of someone like David Attenbourgh or Micheal Palin who have been paid to go on the most wonderful adventures and see the world making their documentaries.

    Glamour isnt my scene but mountains and wildlife and new places,  yes that is something I would love ..

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    I think I used to be a bit jealous of various people over the ages. Particularly some pop stars when I was in my teens. Things have changed over the years though as I now realise that, being real people underneath, they do have real people’s problems. Nowadays it is often more feeling for them than wishing I were them. Yes I do occasionally yearn toward someone else’s appearance or lifestyle but that can be anyone, not just famous, usually transitory and for many reasons.


    I don’t think I’ve ever been jealous or envious of anyone, much less a celebrity.  Everyone has their own talents and purpose in life.

    I have my talents and I hope that I use them to enrich the lives of others in different ways than those who are prettier or smarter or more athletic or thinner or …  Isn’t that what life is truly about?

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    What would you all say if some one had been and still has some of this celebrity  status  they are from a little known  town  not so hot a  looking  female   not what youd expect  like a hot sexy chic , in fact below average  no money that  youd count as being rich just a nobody really  ,yet,  had a story to tell and then get told later you did more for people than you could even realise and became well known  ,

    Yes been on TV two Stations and nation wide, and interviewed  and for paper,s  and given talk,s to large groups and talked to many 1000,s of people, and still do.

    Would that count  or is just not  worth the effort,   i wonder.


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    get told later you did more for people than you could even realise


    I think that is the part you can be truely proud of and its what raises you above the glamour look at me show offs.. You have shown its not what you have or look like its what you can do to help others that really counts..



    I wouldn’t say I am jealous of any celebrities.


    If you break it down. who would want their lives judged on Facebook or Instagram or whatever they use? I’m not a big social media person.

    The money! Yes, we could all do with a few more pounds in their bank account. But how much can you spend in one lifetime? Money doesn’t buy you happiness. But just a little more security for some. But then it can turn into greed if you don’t keep it in check. I’m not greedy. As long as I have enough to get through the week and a little spare than what more could you ask for? I have a little nest egg for emergencies but that’s all I need. Just to cover something unexpected.

    Beauty! I have 2 arms. 2 legs and everything works as it should. So I have a few issues. when you get older you expect it. But you learn to cope with them. I like my face and body. We would all like to perhaps be the acclaimed as the most attractive woman in the world. But that also breeds contempt from others. I’m happy being average. I look better than many women of my age. Could I ask for more?


    I suppose if I have to say I’m jealous of anything then I would say intelligence is the one thing I find myself envious of. I would love to be more clever than I am. I’ll be the first to admit I’m, not the most clever woman in the world but. I’ve got this far in life so I can’t be that bad. My school really was an education at the school of hard knocks. Then a degree from the university of life.

    So if I have to say I’m jealous of. Then it would be someone who can teach me new things. Lucy Worsley, I suppose I would say i am jealous of. She is such a clever woman. I would be very happy to be able to have her as my tutor. To work with her would be a dream come true. Such a clever woman and also makes history so easy to understand.


    I’ll end my post with this. Lucy if you read this and there is an opportunity to do something like what you do and to advance my intelligence. You have a candidate in waiting 🙂


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    I also wish I had greater intelligence! I can give or take money, but if I were as smart as Albert Einstein, then I’d be happy. I wouldn’t even wish for beauty. Of course, I wouldn’t want to be ugly either, but intelligence is very important to me. I’d be smarter in:

    1. Mathematics
    2. Cosmology
    3. Physics
    4. Technology
    5. Another language/unknown which language: perhaps Russian
    6. Memory

    These are aspects of my intelligence I would have in greater amounts.


    Evening .

    Thank You Cassandra,

    I know in some group.s and circles being a servant is not what some wont to be or doing, and being in the back ground I,m happy being there and doing this yet, I do get put in positions  that I never wonted ,   I never wonted to be a spoke,s  woman .

    how my life  has changed in so much being in the spot light was …oh heck can I do this , I was ready , yet just as quick return to my every day  things ,

    The one thing that bothered me the most was and is I know of other,s who could and do so much better than I , yet , I was chosen.

    so is a  fantastic  privilege.


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    Even as a teen I never was envious or idolized anyone except my grandmother. I wanted to be like my grandma because she was very kind,strong and wise. I certainly can appreciate talent, genius, a handsome man or a beautiful woman, good for them. I appreciate someone who has a good heart, a generous, kind spirit and  has skills that are useful in life. There is nothing wrong with being average, not everyone is going to be a star or a millionaire.

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    My grandmother is wonderful, too. Although she is in her late 90’s now. But I have always treasured her: I have always loved going to her house in Sweden as a child and young adult. I love her because she is homely and always makes you feel welcome. She is light hearted and just a wonderful person. I can’t fault her: although my sister can! LOL.

    Anyhow, I have been inspired by my grandmother to decorate my apartment the way she would: clean and tidy and with a lot of colour. Plus, having an always-smelling-nice apartment. I take after my grandmother in that way.


    I loved my grandparents too! I think they had got over the stress of life and were easier to get on with. Those on my dad’s side were very ‘old world’ country folk who were used to providing for themselves and living with nature. I think I got a lot of my ways from them.

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