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    I am! I don’t dabble in the occult or witchcraft but do have an interest in such matters. The history of witchcraft is fascinating. Of course we know science explains the world and universe. I don’t believe in witchcraft but believe others believe in witchcraft.

    Things like superstitions and traditions are really interesting to learn.  Plus those old witch trials – a poem I wrote years ago – tells of the witch hunters back in the day. Do also read “Autumn Rain ” part 1 & 2. Poemhunter is a great website!

    I do love the nostalgia of Halloween.  I am hoping to go to a party this year with my local social group.  I love the yearly Halloween disco.


    I like witchcraft and the occult too although don’t really celebrate Halloween. I think it was less celebrated when I was little so is less inground in my memory. Perhaps only really The Great Pumpkin film with Charlie Brown, Yes it really reminds me more of Charlie Brown and Snoopy, or even The Addams Family.


    We dont celebrate halloween here and as a child there were too many religious objections to it.

    (its also the night my youngest brother died )


    But if you are loooking for films

    the corny and cringeworthy,  Carry on screaming.. Sid James, Jim Dale and crew

    good family fun, Hocus Pocus with Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker

    light harted gore Final destination..


    I haven’t worn a Halloween costume for a few years now.  I used to dress up (the dogs, too) when handing out candy to trick-or-treaters.

    Although they would shake off their headwear as soon as they heard the children outside, the dogs happily greeted them at the door, tails wagging furiously and hats dangling from their necks.  LOL

    Up until last year, I still handed out candy without dressing up.  For the first time in nearly thirty years, I won’t be doing it.  Maybe, next year.


    as I said we don’t have Halloween but we do have Saint Martin on the 11th of November when children come to the door with their lanterns and sing.

    That is when we hand out candy or treats,  this year I won’t be opening the door. Most children walk with their parents so the risk is too high, but if children are going to walk I am going to put a small table or chair outside with a large bowl filled with sweets and add a note asking them to take a sweet to treat themselves but also to leave some for other people then when they are gone they’re gone.. hopefully that way the small children will still get some enjoyment out of this special day.

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    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!

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    Hugs for you on the 31st, Cassandra!

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    I hope everyone who has some kind of celebration enjoys themselves and has a great time.. Right now anything that raises our smiles and spirits is a good thing right?

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    Yes really! 🙂


    Have an enjoyable Hallow’s Eve!


    I think, I’ll watch some scary movies tonight.  🙂

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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