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Are you patriotic?

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    How patriotic are you? Do you love your country? Are you proud to be a citizen of your country of birth? I know a lot of people like to know their country (well actually, mainly us Brits like to complain), but when it comes down to it do you secretly love where you live?

    Is patriotism dangerous? Some people may argue patriotism and nationalism are related, and create wars. Isn’t loving a country just because you were born there a little narcissistic?

    I am happy being British – I like the qualities we as a people have, although I don’t get up on the soapbox proclaiming how great it is to be from the UK. I guess I am a reserved patriot if that even makes sense!


    I consider myself patriotic – but not as Britich

    I am patriotic towards Scotland, and everything it represents. Our ‘Tartan Army’ is well known at football matches all over the world lol. I love my country, and can’t see myself wanting to live anywhere else.

    I think patriotism is only dangerous if you start putting down other people because they are from somewhere else…that could lead to problems.


    Well I am happy enough living in england but dont think i am especially patriotic. I would stand up for my homeland if others were putting it down though – we can moan about where we live, but other people arent allowed to!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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