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    So what do you suppose goes through the mind of someone who denies the existence of God when they are facing eternity without the expectation of anything beyond? I can’t imagine the horror of knowing its too late. Or same question, a murderer facing execution?


    That is a very deep question. I’ll start by saying when I was a kid, I had an operation on my ears. When under anaesthetic  I just saw black: I remember nothing. I think – if you don’t kill in your life or cause suffering – this is true for death. Now, I do believe in heaven and hell. But I also believe being dead is being dead: unless your soul is woken up by God. It does make you hope there is no God. I know I have faced hellish situations in my life: and know that because of this, I won’t go to hell when I die. I truly believe this. And when I am dead, I’ll want to stay dead.

    That’s my penny’s worth.


    Understood Kitty. I really expect something more than being dead.  I want eternal life. I guess we will have to wait and see. But thanks for your observation.


    they probably repent for living such self centered life.

    i chant to allah, shiva and krishna every day to accept my stained soul when my body weathers away on earth. i don’t know how anyone can exist without believing in a deity that will care for me beyond my abilities to do by myself.


    Hi bunny, you seem to have all base’s covered. Keep it up.


    Maybe there IS life after death. Maybe when we die we are born again, until we reach our goal. But every religion as its own beliefs. I can’t say what a person should or not believe. I don’t believe in any god myself, but respect those who do. I am more of a scientific person. I think it is science that explains the world: not religion. HOWEVER, others see things differently and I am not judging them.

    Anyhow, that’s my penny’s worth.


    I would not say it was a horror, I would say it is all what you build yourself up to believe.  I am agnostic, and I believe my end is exactly that.. my end.

    I personally do not believe I will live an eternal life and I have no regrets, nor do I feel I have to repent on my deathbed.



    I have been told growing up Christian that God/Jesus accepts anyone once they accept him wholeheartedly into their hearts. This could happen I suppose on that persons death bed or while walking to their execution. As another person you never really know what someone else is thinking in their mind so to say they did or didn’t make that transition is between them and God. I like you Rhonda333, I hope there is more to the afterlife then just being put in a grave.


    I do believe in God, but worry if I believe in God I’d have to believe in hell: which petrifies me. I am terrified of hell. This is why I don’t murder or hurt people: even those I hate.

    I hope if there is a God, he takes me into heaven.


    Good girl Kitty- I too believe in hell.  A Christian should  I think- but there is no need for fear if you have Jesus in your heart. Have a blessed Easter girls.


    We’re obviously on the same page. Rhonda333. Jesus is the Son of God: I’ve no doubt of my beliefs.

    Have a blessed Easter, too.

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    Thank you Kitty. I am having a blessed Easter, and hope you are too.


    Having a spiritual belief is very important to me. I may not be one that believes in one particular religion over another, but I certainly believe there is a higher power out there that hears my prayers and thoughts and meditations. This belief gives me strength, calmness, and clarity on many things in life. As for the Atheist on their death bed I am not certain what goes through their mind at the end, but I hope they could at least reach those 3 things I mentioned above to ease and prepare for death at least a little better.


    Well I’m a committed Anglican and it does bring me a great deal of comfort- maximized today on Easter.

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