Bathing and showering during the warmer months

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    Cornwall looks nice, although I have never been there. The nearest has been Devon. The sea looks beautiful and feels lovely.


    Yes Cornwall and of course Devon are lovely, we will probably go to Devon for a holiday this year. That means sorting out my bikinis and swimsuits again, I am awful but I don’t throw any away but buy a new one every year. Still I do love the beach and putting a bit of flesh on display lol.


    I’ve been to Devon: it’s beautiful there. I do like the sea. I have been to hot countries and having a dip in the sea is wonderful. What I did learn was to not put sun cream on my forehead: it drips into the eyes. OUCH. Just a tip.


    Ah good one it does sting if you get it in your eyes as well I know, some of the beaches are great if you go off season lovely for walking the dogs as there are miles of open beach for them to run on .

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    Unfortunately, I don’t have any dogs, but if I did – and had access to a beach – I would happily walk along and let them run free. The sea is wonderful, but I seldom visit a seaside. Still, for those that do, may they enjoy it!


    I shower on a daily basis as I don’t like the feeling of feeling sweaty. I remember the months in the hospital when I was physically unable to shower myself and I would just lay in bed and believe me after a few days without a shower and having to use a bed pan to go potty and get assistance with that I was pretty skanky. I don’t care if it is warm weather or cold weather I am showering at least once a day.

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    I agree with you Survivor, 100%. I refuse to leave my flat in the morning without a shower: whether summer or winter. I shower daily and will always do so.

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    I shower at least once a day all year round. Twice if I’ve gotten sweaty. Otherwise I can’t sleep.

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Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)

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