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    Did you see this show on BBC Four on Tuesday night at 8pm?

    The brutality of the assassins in the troubles was shocking: worse than shocking. Utterly devastating for families and everyone in that era. So much blood shed. It was – and always will be – devastating. I know the “reasons” given for the murders, but there is never a “reason” to murder anyone. These guys enjoyed the kill: they enjoyed pulling the triggers of their guns. Pure evil. And there was a mention of King Rat: the man who instigated every murder. Even those not the intended targets shot dead.

    I know nothing I write can change what happened, but I have so much sympathy for everyone who has gone through what these Irish families went through. Utter devatastion.


    I did not see it but can understand.

    It does not seem to have gone away either 🙁 . I don’t normally get into politics but what I cannot understand is why the perpetrators seem to have been let off whereas many of the army, even though now pensioners, are harrassed with constant fear of prosecution. Where are the investigations and prosecution of those who, in some cases, are now in government? Interestingly I felt like Southern Ireland was a nice place, both land and people,  when I was there but would not want to travel to the North. There seems to be so much gripes and bias.


    Ive seen a bit of this. It brings back so many memories, my grandmother suffering insults and at one time being spat at for being Irish after a terrible bombing in London.

    It brings a sense of loss too. My father always promised ‘after the troubles we will visit the family’ but he died before the Good friday agreement was made and so did my gran the family has drifted and I no longer have contact with the aunts and cousins scattered around Ireland.

    My son lives near Dublin now and whenever I visit it feels like coming home my accent slips and soon Im hearing my gran in my own voice and that soft Irish lilt she had. Its the accent and expression of my childhood and its cosy and comfortable.

    The history?  the killers on both sides , included the ones who claimed never to have pulled a trigger and those who turned to politics, well I hope Im wrong and hell does exsist because thats where they belong.



    I’ve no doubt hell exists with all the evil people in the world. Old Nick must be having a field day. First person he will greet? No prizes for guessing who [clue: he’s American].

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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