Beautiful Rainbow Shoes I've Bought!

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    At last!



    That’s a while! Maybe it will soon be time to order next year’s summer dresses lol


    wow that was a long wait Im glad they were worth it…

    My clothes ordered from Shien came within 3 weeks but I ordered a new lensball and that seems to be taking an age…

    I hope its here for my brothers wedding I was hoping to do some nice photos for him…


    They were very much worth it! And ARE worth it.

    I just love beautiful shoes and wearing beautiful shoes. The downside is that new shoes rub on the heel. It is a pain. Still, shoes are wonderful and beautiful. I always admire people in their new shoes, as they walk down the street. Whether the shoes are high heels, funky trainers or stylish flats. There is so much design to shoes, it’d be a shame to have no interest in them.

    Shoes should definitely be stylish in my book.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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