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    What do you consider your best achievement in live up to this point is so for? For me it has to be the acceptance into the Premed Program which is a precursor to entering Medical School.

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    Picking myself up from terrible school results to achieve far better ones.

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    getting my first professional modeling photo op after auditioning for three months when i was eighteen. i enjoy dancing and escorting but love posing for photos, drawings and art the best.

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    I’m very proud of my Vice President title I was awarded this past February.  I feel very important at work for the first time really.  I don’t manage anyone but I just like having that in my professional signature and I feel special telling family and such that I’m a vice president at a bank, I really hope I don’t sound like I’m boasting too much, it’s just important to my self esteem.

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    That’s no small achievement, Mamie.  You should be proud.

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    Having my creative writing published.

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