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    what diets have you tried and what did you find worked best for you? i have tried weightwatchers and slimming world which worked until i reached my target weight at which time i soon put all the weight back on.


    ha ha i think I have tried them all! None really worked for me as I always remain hungry. Tried the Atkins for a while but the high fat food soon made me dread eating…. maybe that was the intended result?!?


    i dont diet, instead I just try to be aware of what I am eating. Nothing wrong with a big cake from time to time as long as you balance it out with healthier stuff. I have been warned by many people though that I can expect my metabolsim to slow as I get ollder so maybe I will be back in a few years asking the same question as you peeko!


    I dont diet just because I know I wouldnt be able to keep track of what I was eating. As for counting calories – I dont have time for that!!


    Last Year I Tried Paul Mckenna I Can Make You Thin, It Did Work I Lost 3 Stone But Of Course You Never Stick To It. I Felt That I didnt Eat Much Cos you Only eat When your Hungary,Finish when your Full,+ Eat Slow. I Could Go A Whole Day Without Eating Anything.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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