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    i know my best friend is in one side love marriage. she only married my current boyfriends best friend because he pushed her into marriage by buying her many gifts, beating up any other guy that hot talked to her and being very possessive of her 24/7. lately she has been sitting close to my man and very flirtatious. she knows her husband is scared of my man because he is bigger and stronger than him.

    i have asked her not to get so forward with my lover and she said she just being friendly because he is only man her husband will allow her to get close and personal with. she told me not to worry as she would never cheat with my man based on our twenty year relationship. note i have known both my current lover (rebound relationship from teenage years) and her for over twenty years.

    i have tried to be with her when my lover is not around and she always asks personal questions about him and flirts with every guy she mets even though married. I have confided this with my lover and he told me not to worry as he knew she was always a flirt and only he wanted to be intimate with me.

    I still worry about her having an secret affair with my always horny boyfriend. he is seldom flaccid if you know what i mean he he.

    What are your thoughts? am i being paranoid and should have faith in my lovers fidelity? should i go no contact with my best friend of twenty years to reduce potential for them hooking up? i really like her but don’t want to risk sharing my guy with her.


    Hi, in my experience you should trust your lover unless you have cause to think otherwise, being suspicious of him can only lead to problems in the future.

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    men are totally untrustworthy in my past experiences. i am watching both of them as close as possible. i have spoken to her husband who promised to fix her wandering quickly. i can’t depend on performance changes as he is always horny so cheating would not change his lust.


    I agree with Mikki. Being suspicious and trying to sort out a problem which isn’t there can create the problem.As you perhaps realise, if something is happening it would be difficult to stop it anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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