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Best Friend In Medically Induced Coma

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    This is a friendship thread, but I feel sad and upset.

    So many people are going through coronavirus and friends and family deaths. It is devastating for everyone around the world.

    I shall say my prayers for both Vicky and everyone in the world.


    I’m so sorry to hear about your friend, Kitty.  You’re in my thoughts and prayers.


    I hope she recovers well Kitty. It’s strange times at the moment. She is in good hands.


    I hope your friend recovers well , it sounds scarey but this could give her body the best chance at full recovery.


    Thank you for all your support: thanking the lucky stars I found out last night Vicky is responding to music and it looks like she’s going to wake up in the next few days. I am so happy that she’ll survive this evil coronavirus. Because – as you all realize – losing your best friend would be devastating. And with all the losses all over the world, that is heartbreaking, too.

    If coronavirus were a person, I’d lock him in a room full of molten lava for 100 years or more. He could’ve taken my friend and he has stolen millions of lives from us: the human race. But we will stop him.


    Im so happy to hear that your firend has taken a turn for the better.


    I had a it of a scare myself this week. On Wed evening I started to feel unwell and by 3am I was feeling sick and really shaky the world was spinning and I was running a fever..

    By 7am I just decided getting up was too difficult and stayed in bed.

    I couldnt eat and just had small sips of 7up. Then I started to get the flashing lights and realised this was a big migriane attack..

    I have never been so happy to have a migraine..

    But I stayed in bed all day thursday slept thursday night and yesterday felt a bit better.. No tv no Pc or bright lights yesterday and Im feeling much better today.


    Scarey though..

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    That’s the problem at the moment. Anything seems like it may be the virus as syptoms can be very variable. I am glad it was something less problematic Cassandra even though it must be bad.


    Thankfully it was a migraine, cassandra. You must’ve been so relieved.

    I feel ill myself today. I am supposed to be helping my sister with dinner, but am sick. I have a headache and have a slight temperature. I fear I won’t be able to go to the house today.

    Being ill sucks.


    My friend was nearly taken out of her coma: but she thrashed around. This is good because it means she’s there and is fighting for her life.

    When she does come out of her coma, it is going to be difficult. Because her problems might still be there. I WANT her to live but don’t want her to suffer either. Vicky has to choose whether to live or die: I hope she chooses to live. Everyone loves her and will support her.

    There is hope: I truly believe Vicky will pull through this.


    We are here with you Kitty x



    Thank you, Spinning Jen and everyone else, too.

    The realization that Vicky could die hasn’t hit. I keep believing she’ll pull through.

    Thank you again.


    Vicky has woken up! She telephoned me this morning from her hospital bed.

    I am so relieved and so happy. So thank you all for your good wishes and your prayers. Of course, it won’t be a walk in the park, but Vicky will have her life back. She means the world to everyone. I just wish I could visit her in hospital, but they might not let me. But once Vicky is in the clear fully, I shall be seeing her.

    So thank you all again.


    Oh what wonderful news…  Im so happy for you both


    Fantastic news Kitty 🙂



    That’s wonderful news, Kitty!  I hope her road to recovery is short.

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