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    what do you reccon?


    for me, best is the lion king (original version)


    worst either bambi or fantasia


    Didnt like fantasia.. Ever .

    Most of the others great ,, I know all the words to all the songs on little mermaid and most of Beauty and the beast ( my daughter loved them) . My boys loved Robin hood.. Esp Prince John sucking his thumb..

    I liked Bambi and jungle book and Dumbo but these now all carry racist content warnings and the Disney channel no longer has them as child accessable.


    I always liked part of your world from the little mermaid


    had it on a disney compilation at one point

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    Best: Too many to decide! I grew up on Disney animated and live-action. Let’s go with Cinderella (animated) since it’s probably the last one I watched, a couple of months ago.

    Worst: I was never a fun of Dumbo and Pinocchio. I think there were parts that scared me as a kid, and I never tried to get over that.


    I was never a great Disney fan although do watch them from time to time. I cannot think of my best or worst. It maybe depends on my mood.


    I’ve never been a Disney fan and have never watched a Disney movie all the way through: they’re just not for me. I stick with other kid’s films like:

    1. Epic
    2. The Life Of Pi
    3. Hotel Transylvania
    4. Charlotte’s Web
    5. Chicken Run
    6. How To Train Your Dragon 1/2/3
    7. Coraline
    8. The Narnia Trilogy
    9. Aladdin [The very recent non-cartoon one, directed by Guy Richie]
    10. Babe
    11. Peter Rabbit

    There are so many films designed for children and young people that I love. Disney isn’t on it.



    I really want to watch “The Little Mermaid”. You wouldn’t believe this, but I’ve never seen it! I will watch it one-day soon. I promise myself that.

    Anyhow, I LOVE children’s films. “The Lion King” is legend, too.

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    I saw The Little Mermaid when it was first out in the theatre. (Gasp!) Love it!

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