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Birthday presents for yourself

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    I’ve been in the habit for about five years now of buying a present for myself each spring. My kids were too young to shop for me and didn’t have someone to take them to stores, which often left me with little for gifts on my special day. (I’m not sure why more of my friends don’t think to get me a gift, but I totally understand if the day surprises them. That happened to me a lot with birthdays in my extended family… And it makes me also think I may not give out many gifts myself…)

    Anyway, what would you give yourself as a birthday present this year? In years to come?


    I bought two paintings this year that I really liked. An expensive purchase like that seemed like it had to be justified as a gift for me, although it could have been a household decor expense. 😉

    Last year was a special keyboard, so I can feel like I’m using a typewriter. (Except it’s so noisy I don’t use it much. LOL)

    I think the first year I started this was my ziplining adventure near home. The next was going to see “Phantom of the Opera” in Vancouver (20 years after I’d seen it there before). 😀


    I’m hoping to visit Paris for my 50th birthday. 😀 I already have a journal I could use for the trip – it’s got the Eiffel Tower on its cover.


    I have been doing this for some years now. It’s seldom these days that anyone gets to the inner me with presents although some are very nice. I am still like a child at heart and like ‘toys’ lol. This year I got a computer interface for a simulator game (more real than game) I use.


    Paris for your 50th sounds lovely, rebecca!  When I divorced, I made a point of taking myself out to a nice restaurant I had never tried.  I still try to do that on occasion.  For the most part, we buy things when we want or need them…or we go on a weekend (or long weekend) road trip.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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