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Black Lives Matter Strange Situation? Your Thoughts

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    OK, I may have posted about this last year: I don’t know. BUT if you had to attend anti-racist classses, that would be very strange if you were not a racist. I mean, if I had to attend anti-nazism classes, then I’d most likely be a nazi. Do you guys see my point?

    I write this because on a website, this woman attended anti-racist classes. OK, so I realize the class is to stop racism. But why would she need to go to such a class if there was no personal issue of others who are – basically – black? Do I need to go to anti-nazi classes? I wouldn’t, would I? Sure, the concept is viable, but it seems a little odd to have people with no issue of skin colour going to classes like that.

    Your thoughts?


    Have you any more info or a link to this story? I have a feeling there’s more to it than might have been said.


    It might be required for all employees, like sexual harassment prevention training.  (I think, it’s called gender sensitivity training, now.)  In the same vein, it would be called racial sensitivity training.


    Racism is so pervasive that I believe it’s good to be sure you’re sensitive to how racism manifests.  It’s almost like a person takes the classes to prevent being racist and not because anyone had labeled them racist first.

    I’m really interested in this topic and the movement against racism because it has always seemed so obvious to me that we all have value as we are – yet I now see this may be a result of my worldview, so it’s not a given that it’s so obvious for another person. A different worldview can result in a sense of superiority due to skin colour or economic status or cultural heritage. So my hunch is that tackling the worldview will be what makes the difference in eliminating racism.


    Where I worked we did have amendments being added to the annual training to include material on race and culture. This I totally agree with and was received well. I do remember a module on cultural diversity too. This was obviously useful to me because I did work with many asian families in which the diferences in family life can be an issue. To a great extent cultural differences are more important than just a blanket statement about black lives. It is important to realise that. Many different nominally black races hate each other just as much as white / black. I do wonder if the black lives movement is seen as more Afro American lives matter rather than what should be the point that everyone’s lives matter and we are all equal.  As I have mentioned before though, I think many things are often going too far now. Many other people, not particularly racist, are thinking the same way too. Some, generally people of colour but not exclusively, are becoming so agressive with their views and actions that they are effectively more racist than most of the population they are attempting to influence, to negative effect. In general the UK public are very relaxed about racial differences but, with the more extreme atmosphere, they are getting wore, not better.


    Id still like to see the link but, there was a case last year of some people who were selling knights templar stuff. They got banned from a selling platform and they said it wasnt fair because they were not racist and they were not promoting the ideals of racism..

    I checked them out. It was true they did not openly say anything or openly support any racist group,, however knights templar often used by far right groups as a symbol of keeping Britain pure aka white used their website a lot. They also sold repo war memorabilia including swastikas and other Nazi emblems and when I looked at their personal FB pages a lot of their FB ‘friends’were obvious neo nazis., members of English defence league and such.

    I  do think the BLM pushes things a bit far but the fact is they shouldn’t  even need to exsist,  the fact that they do shows how we have failed as people.  There is every need for protest and lobbying there is no excuse for burning and looting that is just greed and mindless vandalism.

    I also think the blue eye brown eye  social experiment which was used on children is wrong

    Its too Lord of the flies for my liking.


    The fact is racism is insidious its under the surface.. but its there.. A couple of years ago I was outside cleaning the windows as a new family arrived in the street.. My neighbour came along.. She knows Im not originally Dutch but she forgets from time to time.. She watched as the family unpacked and we waved a greeting to them.. Then she said  ‘well thats a relief  just a nice Dutch family in the street… It could have been anyone well you know these forgien types get everywhere now dont they ‘?


    Her meaning was quite clear although she said nothing. Ive been the victim too being made to repeat things over and over because the person said they couldnt understand my accent. A customer once refused to have me serve them because I wasnt Dutch. Ive had insurence premiums raised when I didnt have Dutch nationality and Ive been refused jobs once the employer realised I wasnt born here.

    I was even sworn at b a seller of big issue when I was out speaking English to my visiting friend.. He spat in our direction and in Dutch said  F****** forgieners should p*** off back to your own country..

    He wasnt so cocky when I rallied and told him exactly what I thought of him in Dutch.


    Its difficult to spot sometimes and even harder to prove but it gets hard to swallow sometimes… And having that subtile snide insults being poked at you or your children every day must get too much for some to bear.

    I know when my daughter was picked on because of her nationality I went on the war path and visited each parent of each child and asked for an explantion to our face..

    I think until you have been the victim its hard to understand just how much it hurts.




    I think the content of your post shows, in a lot of ways, my feelings Cassandra. The reality of any difference being relevant. The school experiment, which I feel is bad too, showing human nature – but bad in possibly influencing young minds in a negative way. Don’t forget the Nazi  ideal Aryan had pale skin, blond hair and blue eyes. Some of these children could come across this and have a different view of the experiment.

    One wonders about the greatness of Yorkshire with Yorkshire Tea on the adverts on TV. Is inter county rivalry predjudice? Where will things end? – They will not! It is human nature to fight to live. While high competition exists people will pick on any weakness to advance their position. What is perceived as strong in one community is perceived as  weak in another.  To attempt to quell this without thinking it through is a risky strategy.


    Im not saying we should quell differences or individual strengths or weaknesses.

    But when its shown that negative discrimination will occur even if there is no basis for it we need to adress the underlying motivations or  feeling that cause it. Some people may not even realise they do it..

    It’s  like the idea fat people are lazy or very jolly, red heads have no friends, blondes are dizzy and daft , people who wear glasses are smart, skinny people are mean etc. All silly assumptions based on discrimination or social stereotyping we have picked up along the path of life.

    Here last year a researcher tried something,  he applied for jobs he used a decent cv with expierence and willingness to start but signed it with a Muslim sounding name. 9 out of 10 times he didnt even get a reply let alone an interview. When he sent the same cv with a Dutch name he was invited for an  interview each time.

    My daughter is now happy to be married with a very Dutch man and take his name. She has nothing against our name but she says it always invites discussion and often those remarks  questioning her birthplace.

    It doesnt matter if we think we are or are not racist or discriminatory it matters how our actions are percieved by those we are dealing with, and I dont think it hurts to be reminded that what might have been acceptable 20 or 30 years ago isnt acceptable now.


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty.


    It doesn’t make it right, but there will always be ignorant people in the world and people who are easily led. That will never change. As awful as this word is, it is about managing such people. Such as, if someone shoplifts they get arrested. Or if someone does something, it is stopped by showing it isn’t acceptable. Also, you see Trump supporters, how they believe whatever he says and does. And perhaps it is still all to do with ignorance. Also, people are usually intelligent BUT sometimes the crowd goads them on. Knowledge of social psychology – rather than guns or weapons or whatever – will manage the behaviour of those ignorant. The ignorant will never change but – again – their behaviour should be managed.

    I think this is the right way to deal with those prejudiced against anyone different to them.


    With the mention of Trump you have brushed at a minefield there Kitty – State endorsed predjudice – Now there is a problem which occurs throughout the world.


    You’re right, SpinningJen: you’re right. I doubt world problems will ever go away. They just repeat themselves in every generation. Perhaps we should all realize this and just leave such people where they are. It’s like a screaming toddler: if you walk away, they eventually stop screaming and the fight goes out of them.


    Joe Biden is a big hit: he’s even got a biography out. He has done so much to promote fairness and equality. This includes sexuality, employment, race and other miscellaneous. He is 78 years old and is really progressive. I am sure he’ll make America great again. I’d also say he is a more popular president than his predecessors.

    Trump is gone and now the wall is history. I am very glad of this: the wall was a very bad idea. We all know what happened to the Berlin Wall and we all know people’s reactions to such barriers. It would’ve been torn down and destroyed. Just like the Berlin Wall. Joe Biden has the intelligence to know this: hence why he stopped work on the wall. Obama care is also reinstated. Trump tried to scrap it. But the new president is not so stupid.

    All-in-all vast progress has been made in America. And the American people know their votes went to the right person.


    Well, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there will always be a way in, and a wall doesn’t do much to deter it.  One can always climb it, cut through it, dig under it (all done before).  During El Chapo’s trial, it was mentioned that people would go out on boats, make the trade, and smuggle the drugs to the U.S.

    Traffickers at the El Chapo trial say drugs aren’t smuggled through open parts of the border

    It would be more cost-effective to patrol the border with drones.  There’s also the fact that most illegal immigrants are here on expired visas.  In 2018, one such person started the Spring Fire in Colorado, destroying 141 homes.  He was Danish, not Mexican.


    Last night my son phoned , he was saying how the lockdown is getting to his children a bit and its getting harder and harder to amuse them especially our grandson who is very autistic. My daughter asked if he has disney channel for the children but he doesnt so she shared her log in with him so that he could access all the Disney films…. But he has to do it via an adult profile because  Dumbo, Lady and the Tramp, Jungle Book and others are now considered unsuitable for children becuase of racist scenes….




    Ive seen all these films I guess I must now have PTSDisney..

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