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Black Lives Matter Strange Situation? Your Thoughts

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    I think it’s actually a smart strategy. If the kid profile is there because the child or children are watching shows without adults or teens around, no one can address these issues with them and start the conversation that calls out racism. By having the shows available through an adult profile, Disney is pointing us towards watching together and having those conversations so that the next generation are sensitive to the mistakes of the past. Maybe in future remakes, they can remove those problem parts and the new version will be included for the kid profile. I don’t think we can be too sensitive to what slipped in (or was put in deliberately) to past releases.

    This is one reason why my kids don’t get to watch TV by themselves anymore. I like joining them, but I also see the opportunity to be able to pause the show when something comes up that needs clarification or discussion. And I no longer use the TV as a babysitter, so I can do something else and not be with them. There’s so much that can divide us as a family already and keep us too busy for being present with each other. I’d rather have more activities we do together on purpose.


    I understand where you’re coming from think about this dumbo was made in 1941 there were a hell of a lot worse things going on in 1941 than singing crows. The remake of Dumbo was made about 5 years ago but is it politically correct to make a circus film in this day and age when most civilized countries have banned the use of animals in circuses?


    How far will we go before we start banning literature and burning books because they contain things we don’t think are suitable anymore?

    Rudyard Kipling was considered essential reading when I was a child his books were seen as literature , now I suppose theyre seen as racist?

    What about Dickins, Shakespeare Doris Lessing , Mark Twain???

    all of them contain racial stereotypes and words that we would probably not use these days but does that make that work less valuable?



    I don’t know where we are going Cassandra. There are all the evils of gambling with the National Lottery etc, which are well advertised but politcal correctness is now on overkill. To shield someone from the reality of life is something for very early years but to bring someone up with naivety? I do wonder about the current situation and how people are so well informed about how many deaths are occurring and the scare tactics persued by our government (apart from the riots you have over there). Such selective education and political correctness in entertainment is pretty much ‘1984’.


    I remember when my daughter was at secondary school..  The children were asked what 11 November signified , she was the only one who knew.

    Now thats mainly because The Netherlands wasnt actively involved in WWI although we have a street in town called De Engelsestraat (the English street) because captured soldiers from the front in France were shipped here as POW’s ..

    Are we going to wipe out whole segments of history?  I studied The adventures of Huckleberry Finn for O’level at school. I also studied The woman in white by Wilkie Collins both books published in the second half of the 19th century.. In Collins book the subjugation of women is forefront,  put her in an asylum and declare her mad, shes a woman so no one will believe her. This could be conidered offensive to womens rights and much of the mental health community and yet it is seem as an example of its time. Surely all these other books and films must be viewed in the same way.

    After all if we are going to outlaw every book that contains any discrimination or bias toward an ethnic group or otherwise one of the first to be banned would be the bible. Read out of context its a book full of incitment to violence towards other cultures , discrimination of disabled , gay , female persons..etc . Yet we hold this aloft as an example of how to live our lives..

    Things have to be seen in context and in the light of the time in which they were written and the language common at that time.

    Did you know Harper Lee’s To kill a Mockingbird has been removed from the syllabus in Irish schools?


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    I agree 100% with you, cassandra. I certainly can’t put it better myself.

    I read “The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn” last year. I know it had racist terms, but it was written a long time ago, when society was different. But that doesn’t devalualise its importance. It is not a book I’d ban from a school syllabus. So many of these books have historical value. Hence why they are taught in schools. I do think as long as children and young people are taught not to be racist, they can read such books subjectively. It’s like a horror film: you enjoy watching it, but you wouldn’t butcher someone yourself. A rather radical example, I know, but it’s the best one I can come up with at this moment in time.

    Just a few opinions.

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