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    And there is a big bruise on my arm! But the blood test was painless and over swiftly. Taking off the plaster was worse than the actual blood test!

    I also had my blood pressure measured and my weight taken. I have lost 5 pounds since I last saw my doctor! I was so pleased.

    Not a bad day at all, after finding out that bit of information. I do keep all my medical appointments. This is because I feel taking medical treatment and advice is vital. Especially for me. I always keep my doctors’ appointments. It’d be extremely rare for me to not show up. There’d have to be something wrong for that to happen.

    Anyhow, I am also waiting for my COVID-19 vaccination. My doctor will no doubt mention it tomorrow at my appointment. I had a scare last night, you see: my lungs pinched a bit and I worried about suffocating. Of course I did not suffocate, but I was terrified it was COVID-19. I seldom go into shops anymore: I just stick with online shopping. I don’t want to get sick. It’d mean not being able to breathe. My best friend had it: I don’t want to go through the same.


    I am glad your blood test went well Kitty. Please try not to worry about Covid. I know many people have had it bad but don’t forget that most are hardly affected. Things are even worse at the moment as the government put the scares on people to push them into having the jab.


    Thank you, SpinningJen.

    You’re right in one regard: a lot of people are being pushed into having the jab. That said, there are several types of vaccines, so – even if one goes wrong – the governement and health professionals will use a different version. Funnily enough, I had a doctor’s appointment over the phone yesterday: she is putting me on a standby list. Basically, this means if someone ducks out of the jab in my local medical centre, then I’ll be telephoned and invited to have the jab. This means I’ll have my vaccination much quicker. It is contingent on someone ducking out, though. But it’s a start.

    My doctor was pleased with my blood test results: and there’s no sign of diabetes! I am very relieved. It’s strange, though: I love sweet food, yet don’t have diabetes. Weird, huh?

    Anyhow, the blood test was over very quickly. The nurse just got on with it, thankfully!


    It’s lovely to hear that your blood test went well Kitty, with no resulting problems. Take care of yourself x



    I have to keep pressure on the spot where they take blood, otherwise I bruise easily. Once the bruise even looked like a chicken! Strange!

    Glad things are looking good!


    I actually bruised at my last blood test. But the nurse did an excellent job: I only felt a prick and that was it. I wouldn’t sign up for regular blood tests, but am glad I had it over and done with.


    Ive delayed having my vaccine.

    Mum had hers  the AZ and my brother had the same. Both were very ill. Mum was in bed for 4 days  vomiting and <span class=”ILfuVd”><span class=”hgKElc”>diarrhoea</span></span>, unable to stand up headache and shivers..

    My brother didnt even make it home from the vaccine center luckily his GF lives just down the road so he stopped at her house and she took him in he couldnt see straight had a violent headache that lasted 2 days the same vomiting etc that mum had and he felt terribly cold but his GF said he had a fever.

    Now quite apart from my phobia about vomiting I am a carer so I afford to be ill and esp not for nearly a week…

    I will wait until another vaccine is available..


    My parents have their vaccinations next Thursday. Dad went to book his by phone and was asked about other people in the household, so Mum’s in a bit earlier than she might have expected by age group.

    I’m not sure what vaccine they’re using here, but I bet Mum will tell me once she’s done.

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