bra for top heavy gals

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    i finally found the perfect bra for larger boob sizes — it’s seamless and supportive. As a woman who is rather … ahem … top-heavy, I’ve been on a long-term, largely futile search for a comfortable bra. seldom wear one because bras are so uncomfortable.

    I found it. The Spanx Bra-llelujah! bralette. I’d heard — from the brand’s publicist during a photo op.


    I have a large bust. I buy all my bras from Bravissimo. Because their bras are so well made, I wear a bra every day. I just can’t go without one. I am sorry you had to. Anyhow, I am sure your Spanx bra will fit right.


    Thanks for the tip, KitKat!  I put the US version of the site in my favorites for later exploration.


    is avail on


    I am lucky being about average in the bust area,  I could get away not wearing a bra some time ago but they are slightly droopy now  so they need some help.


    I think all women’s boobs droop in later life: mine have! [A little]. I am a 36F. This seems very large, but I love having a big bust! I actually went to Bravissimo the other weekend and bought myself a beautiful white lace bra. I was advised by the fitter not to wear moulded bras, as they are simply not flattering. I now stick to white lace and coloured bras. I am planning on buying a fair few more bras from them. Their fittings are always spot on. I know I am plugging the shop, but this isn’t spam! LOL.


    WOW Kat, you are gifted. I suppose we all admire big boobs, and fortunately nowadays its possible to acquire a bigger size. I’ve thought about it too but it seems like they would get in the way.

    Miss 38C

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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