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    I went bra shopping yesterday [Saturday]. I had myself fitted. I tried on 2 or 3 bras. In the end I decided on my first choice. My sister also helped me choose. We spent a good 20 minutes or more doing this. I had the stand there – boobs out – while my sister and the fitter saw whether the bras were supportive enough. However, I didn’t mind. And my sister also got fitted.

    We are going back in 4 weeks to choose more bras. Because I tried on all of my old ones and only two fit.This we did before bra shopping.

    It’s vital to wear the right fitting bra, I believe. I am wearing my new bra now actually and it’s really comfortable. I shall stick with that bra shop now. The fitter did such a good job. And I felt comfortable and not awkward at all. A true professional.

    Definitely get yourself fitted by a fitter if you’re needing new bras. It is best to try them on in a shop, rather than buying the packaged ones. At least, I think so.


    Hi, I have always been nervous about getting fitted for a bra and of course it depends on how the assistant treats you. I am happy though as my daughter in law has a good eye and helped me choose what I think is the best style and fit.


    I’m sorry I hate bras with a vengeance. I often wish I had no boobs just so that I wouldn’t have to wear a bra.


    I don’t care where they’re fitted or what they cost they are awful.

    And what a rip-off ..two triangles of fabric and a bit of elastic and you’re paying like 100 quid.


    I stick to cotton non underwired types .. I dont need to hoist my boobs up like perky sunworshipping daisys. I just want enough to cover and keep them contained..


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    You certainly say what you feel Cassandra, bras can be a pain at times when you have been wearing them all day especially in the Summer but I do like mine as a good one feels so nice and hubby likes it too lol.


    Bra fittings are important and should be done whenever shopping for new ones.  Depending on brand and style, I wear anywhere from a F to an H, so I require the extra support an underwire provides.  Without one, my breasts hang too low and flop around.  By no means, do I try to push them up to my ears, but I do need to support them.  I admit, they are uncomfortable, and whenever I’m inside my house, I’m in a T-shirt and leggings…sans bra.


    @mikki I actually think bras are yet another example of discrimination to women. just ask yourself when did you last see a piece of male underwear costing the same as a so-called decent bra?

    The answer is never. Also when did female undergarments become some kind of misogynistic sex toy ? why  do we have to dress up in peep hole bras, crotchless knickers, itchy  lace ,nasty nylon and awful colours just for them… when do they do this for us?

    The man who does is an exception..

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    Hi Cassandra, I do agree about male underwear, we are  indeed being ripped by clothing  manufacturers. It is true the less material used in lingerie the more expensive it is. I do think I am lucky though as a good pair of knickers or a bra does make me feel good. Also I now dress for myself now although compliments from hubby are always welcome.


    Yes it is a not inconsiderable extra expense. A good comfortable bra takes some finding and is usually somewhat more expensive. I tend to stay with the same brand when I have. Luckily I don’t require the extra support of an underwire so usually wear cotton non-underwired too.


    Yes when I find a  type of bra at a good  price I like I buy a few in case they change the design. I do this with a lot of things, effectively stocking up on things that I like ( OMG is that OCD !!).


    Bras are expensive, that is true. It is a little strange that men’s underwear isn’t. But – saying that – bras have to be specially made and made with care. They aren’t an easy garment to manfacture. There is the size of every individual bust to consider/colours to choose/the actual making of 1000’s of bras… The list of requirements goes on. Plus, in the actual shop there is the measuring and fitting of said bras. I do think all this could explain why bras are the price they’re usually at. Plus, there is quality control.

    It is interesting reading all your posts: bras are a personal issue, yet we can all relate. No matter the size of our bust.


    Of course we can Kitty, my trouble is I go for the pretty bras that I like even when the fit is not quite right, shallow I know lol.


    A good bra makes all the difference in the way your clothes fit and how you look in the clothes as you all know. I have never been fitted for a bra, I buy mine from a shopping channel, if it doesn’t fit or isn’t comfortable, I can always return it. I have been buying bras from the shopping channel for 25 years and I’m still happy with the quality and fit for the money.


    I’m another who finds bras an uncomfortable item of ladies apparel….

    Which I no longer use unless absolutely necessary….

    I much prefer slips….thankfully my boobs don’t need the support anymore and I’m able to feel sooo more comfortable…..


    Hi Flossy, when I was younger my boobs did not need support but alas even though my weight is good they do sag a bit now with me being older, anyway I do love a pretty bra lol.


    I love wearing bras. Especially a pretty one: such as you do, mikki.

    I think if your bra is painful, Flossy, you’ve got the wrong size and need to be properly measured and fitted. You’re obviously wearing the wrong bra. The right bra will keep you comfortable and will NOT hurt. I’d advise you go down to your local bra shop – or even M&S when the shops re-open – and have yourself properly measured and fitted, as I’ve said. Again, your bra should not hurt and the right one will keep you comfortable and feeling secure.

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