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    I agree Kitty an ill fitting bra can be painful, after a while you get used to a certain style and a make that suits you.


    I hope you take my advice, Flossy: you don’t have to go braless to feel comfortable. Definitely get yourself properly measured and fitted!


    Going braless is ok when you are younger as long as your boobs are not too big but the will eventually need support to stay nice.


    a good bra can be SO expensive

    i find that you really do need to be measured properly for each different manufacturer, i have different sizes depending on the store


    Bra,s are an instrument of torture.

    I am double cursed. Not only do I have a reasonable C cup but I’m also quite broad across the back. So many of the bras from the likes of Asda just either won’t fit, Have the equivalent to a sack of potatoes hanging out under my arms above the straps or are so uncomfortable I can’t wear them. I have to wear one as they started to head south a long time ago sadly. Not a pretty sight.

    The best place and the only place I go to now is Marks and Spencer. They are, Other than having one made to size, the only place I shop for bras. In fact underwear in general. I pay more in Marks. But. It’s worth it for the comfort.

    Even so as soon as I’m home from being out and know I won’t be going out again it’s straight off.



Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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