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    Your opinions?

    I don’t have any thoughts I want to share, but am interested in others opinions and general views on how the voting went down, the closeness of the vote. Because – as we know – it was 52% – 48%, so it was a close one.

    Just a thread to stir-up this “In The News” sub forum.

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    Oh dear this is the subject that has been the trigger for bar fights, family feuds and friendship breakups.

    Of course I didnt get to vote andif I still lived in the UK I cant say for sure how I would have voted but when youre outside looking in it all looks very different.

    I think whichever way you voted you have been let down. To be honest the whole thing was  badly set up it should have been only valid if at least 51% of the country voted  that way it would have been a true majority either way. Then there was the total lack of information and I mean real information not people stood in front of advertising boards or a big red bus making campaign promises which most of us know are never true.

    I and many people on the mainland felt sorry for the British with the way things were going but with the amount of hate and finger pointing that has happened many now want to wash their hands of the UK and just move on. A total shame and a situation that could have been avoided if you had had more trustworthy and capable people in power.

    Last year I wrote about my own experience of leaving the UK.

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    It makes interesting reading Cassandra. I have wondered for years about moving to New Zealand. More a case of where I would feel I would like the most. It could be far worse where I am. I find your note of news coverage interesting. I watch or listen to far less news now as not only do they fill it with politics, but repeat it again half way through the broadcast (just in case you might have missed it?). I have a good radio, and remember listening to a news program (in English) from a Swedish station a while back. I know it was a change but it was refreshing to hear their local news which was. Ours tends to be a repeat of the national news with local flavouring. In reality that means you hear the politics at least three times in one news session. The BBC still are far superior to any of the the other channels or Sky etc. but even they can be rubbish at times.

    I try to avoid politics.

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    @spinningjen  I know a guy who moved to NL but couldnt get on with the language barrier so he moved to NZ he says they are tough regarding the rules for permits to saty but he loves it. Hes on the south Island and he says its amazing to go hiking along the moutain snowline in the morning and then down to the beach for a swim in the afternoon.

    He has spent time in Aus but says NZ is much more English suited in climate and attitude.


    As regards our local news..It is very local, its even in our own local language! But it includes things like local accidents or traffic lights being out at important junctions etc.

    But if youre an English speaker in NL there are good English language websites offering Dutch news such as Dutch News and Northen Times.

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    Oh dear , how do people think about the latest scandel surrounding Brexit?


    I think the court made the right decision as I don’t think you can have any one person shutting down democratic process.  My opinion is that there will be a general election which will possibly give an indecisive result. The only real way forward is to have a new referendum vote which may well give a stay result as the people, both for out or in, are generally sick of the incompetance of government with their members supporting their own aims, not that of the people.

    It is interesting to think that in the times of Henry VIII etc, Boris would now be in the tower with prospects of his head adorning a spike.

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    @spinningjen  I think you may be right about the election.  Although I dont really think it will help the situation and Corbyn is so unpopular people might just vote for Boris to keep Corbyn out!

    What a mess and  the only thing its good for now is a constant source of laughter for satrical shows , its  such a shame to see the country being bought to this.


    So….it didnt happen  Again!

    seriously are you surprised people are laughing?

    now Boris is heading for a ditch and theres a queue of people a mile long begging to push him in it

    Mrs May is joining an abba tribute as the (non) dancing Queen

    David Cameron is earning big$$$ off a book where he tells why it all went wrong although all he needs for that is a mirror and the bank of England are melting down the 50p coins they minted to commemorate leaving the EU.

    OMG what a farce. Lets have a vote to decide if we should have a vote to vote about  the lot of them should be voted onto the dole queue and letting a chimpanzee or an octopus decide whats best for the country. Lets face it a chimp couldnt do any worse!

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