British Government To Eliminate Smoking By 2030

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    What are your views on this? I am very happy about it. Because I don’t smoke and never want to smoke. I think it is a horrible habit. Because my mother was a smoker, yet it never appealed to me. I am not an anti-smoking snob, though: I just don’t want people getting lung cancer or any other illness.

    Anyhow, eliminating cigarettes is the right move. Plus, there’s vaping now, so if someone really wants to smoke, they can do so more safely.

    Do you smoke? Do you enjoy smoking? Do you dislike people smoking? Do you vape? Do you enjoy vaping?

    I look forward to reading your replies.


    I dont smoke never have .

    The idea it will save lives is a bit of a quandry. Our planet is overcrowded  we cant feed the people here now  so if we all live longer how will we manage then?

    The govt will suffer most as they love the tax income from tobbacco but will it stop people smoking? No I think it will just go underground the way alcohol did during American prohibition.


    No I don’t think it will work as a ban. If taxes on smoking go up people will probably move on to worse things. I think it is really just a statement to show they are doing something but steady education making it less appealing rather than raising a hurdle would likely work better.

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    I agree with Jen.  Banning cigarettes won’t stop the cravings.  As a former smoker, I can attest to the fact that when an addict stops one addictive behavior, they replace it with another.  Usually, smokers’ senses of smell and taste are affected by their habit.  Most often, the thing that replaces cigarettes is food because it smells and tastes so much better after quitting.  It also provides the oral stimulation missing from smoking.  Substituting cigarettes with e-cigarettes may or may not be better.  If they’re used for a short time to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine, fine.  The oral habit is just as hard to kick as the nicotine itself.  I think the jury is still out about the safety and long-term consequences of vaping.

    Luckily, I quit before vaping became a thing.  Otherwise, I would probably still be doing it, not knowing the long-term consequences.  Even though vaping may be more “pleasant” socially, it’s still uncertain as to what long-terms effects it will have on second-hand inhalers.


    I can understand addiction to cigarettes: my mum was a heavy smoker. She never quit. But I did not want to follow in her footsteps. Of course, there was pressure, but I didn’t give in. I do feel that if I did have no choice – which I definitely DO – I would rather vape than smoke real cigarettes. Vaping is the better option to real fags. Plus, so many people are encouraged to light up, which I think it deeply unfair. Vaping means less chance of lung cancer and means younger people won’t try real cigarettes, which in turn would mean less cases of cancers in decades to come.

    To lung cancer: my father smoked for a good few years. Then his uncle died from lung cancer. My father quit cigarettes that same day. My close friend, Michael, he knew a man who was brought to tears and injustice as he watched his wife suffocate: she literally could not breathe and died maybe minutes later. It scared the hell out of the man and Michael’s mother begged Michael to never smoke. So Michael never did.

    Cigarettes must be banned. Too many people have died. Yet it continues.


    I had a grandmother and grandfather both die from lunk cancer. They both smoked a lot and even though my grandfather was very fit at one time it slowly crippled him.


    My father in law died from copd/Emphysema in 2007 and it was a long slow and horrible death. At the finish he couldnt even take a drink because any effort he had left was devoted to breathing and you could hear the fluid in his lungs gurgle as he drew breath.

    His 3 children were with him when he died. My husband gave up smoking shortly there after but his two sisters carried on puffing one of them developed first chronic bronchitis then copd and she died in 2017 from hart failure but the underlying cause was the inability to breathe.

    The other sister continues to smoke.

    I think it goes to show how strong this addiction is when you can see how two family members have died by slowly suffocating, drowning in their own body fluid as it filled their lungs and choked them yet you continue to smoke knowing this may well be your own fate.

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    It’s like some curse of the devil: like they were forced by him to smoke against their will. Smoking would be a curse to me: it isn’t something I would choose myself. That kind of addiction is never normal: you would’ve thought the smoker would give up the evil weed after seeing such suffering. Because, obviously, no-one should suffocate and it is a tragedy.

    It sounds crazy, but that is what I think.


    Have private messaged you KitKatKitty!


    I look forward to the day smoking is gone forever.

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    Although I’ve read about other incidents such as this, this is the latest:

    Just when teenage smoking was almost eliminated, companies come up with another way to get them hooked on something potentially harmful.  🙁

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    Although I’ve read about other incidents such as this, this is the latest:

    Just when teenage smoking was almost eliminated, companies come up with another way to get them hooked on something potentially harmful.

    I was in Germany on thursday. As I was getting into my car a car pulled up opposite me and an older lady got out followed by her grandchild, she vaped and blew out a huge cloud of sweet smelling  smoke. The child jumped up and down sniffing the sweet smoke and laughing.. I commented to my daughter that second hand smoking has never been as evil as this,  nicotine disguised in cotton candy and strawberry scent,,

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    Sadly the tobacco companies make another killing 🙁



    I read an article comparing the US and UK attitudes toward e-cigarettes.  It was quite enlightening to discover that the UK doesn’t have the same issues as we do when it comes to e-cigarettes.

    The US and UK see vaping very differently. Here’s why

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