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    I don’t understand how people fake and destroy an entire relationship. They could have been said that they don’t love anymore, why they use the way of lies?


    It’s probably fear of the unknown!



    There will always be evil people in the world and her boyfriend was one of them. He didn’t love her: he used her as a toy. I don’t feel someone who puts up with that realizes it’s not their fault: that it is the abuser who is at fault. Being nice and saying you love someone doesn’t always work at keeping the peace. You can be nice, but if they see fear it won’t matter. I hope she got rid and moved on. Self respect will save her every time.


    I realize the above post might not make total sense in the way it refers to the poster’s post, but I hope you can see past that. Her boyfriend lying to her was evil in a way. I do still think that it is not her fault and being nice to him won’t change what happened. I really do hope she got rid. And self respect WILL save her from more pain.

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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