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Bucket List When Lockdown Is Over

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    This is my bucket list:

    1. Go on bus fortnightly into town and meet with bestie
    2. Attend part-time higher English course/September 2021-2022
    3. Go to the Chinese supermarket
    4. Go to aqua-fit with a good friend
    5. Go to Waitrose cafe monthly
    6. Go to Oxford with my friend Nick and my sister
    7. Meet up in town with Nick/on the bus
    8. Have my hair cut
    9. Have my bathroom floor replaced
    10. Have my lounge and hallway carpet replaced
    11. Go back to my volunteer job
    12. Go into Northampton with my sister/in the car
    13. Go to the local garden centre far more often

    Those are the main activities on my bucket list. Over to you!


    Stay away from people…

    Im sure that everyone rushing out will start a new wave of infections..


    But I would like to get out a bit with my camera

    and of course I am longing to be able to get back to Germany again. I miss my monthly trips


    I’m going to keep being patient to avoid whatever-number-wave-we’re-going-to-be-on-next. 😉 Once a good majority of the population has been vaccinated, I’m looking forward to…

    1. Hugs from friends!
    2. Meeting for church study group during the week
    3. Church services in-person (though I need “adult backup” arranged so the kids don’t have to sit through it all)
    4. Lunch/dinner at my parents’ place
    5. Visits with my bestie and her son
    6. Driving around the area for a day and seeing the sights
    7. Movies at the theatre

    I would just like our art group to start meeting again. Little things!


    go back to church is my main one.


    honestly I’ve really missed it and I’ve missed the pastor. he’s a nice guy. his wife, too


    I know how good at art you are, SpinningJen. I think it will be wonderful when your art group resumes! I am looking forward to my social group re-opening in a month or two. I’ve missed it terribly and want to go back. There are just so many lovely memories and I often wish myself back there. Especially with losing Michael to a head injury and dementia. I will always care about him and value our time together. Michael was my rock.

    But back to the present: having life back to normal is something virtually everyone wants. Because it is a deeply sad time for all those lost and the families and friends who’ve suffered those losses.

    The world will never forget.


    I sometimes forget, even though there are two boxes of books and videos in my room waiting for donation… but I’m looking forward to volunteering in person at my church so I can take care of the little church library. There’ll be labels to put on new items, shelving and organising to do, and eventually reshelving as people take out and return items again.

    I love library work! 😀

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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