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Burgled or robbed?

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    Have you ever had your home burgled or been mugged? I have been lucky – my car was broken into once but they didn’t take anything (I have nothing worth stealing in there!). I have a friend whose house was burgled once though – they took all the jewellery but left the big stuff like the tv. It must be an awful feeling knowing someone has been in your home, and even worse if sentimental stuff gets taken.

    Have you been a victim of a burglary or robbery? I think we should use this topic to vent!


    I am lucky as I havent been a victim of either touch wood. My mum was burgled when she was younger – she was moving out of her house so there was nothing really there for them to steal so they just decided to vandalise the place. What awful people there are out there.


    Yup, it’s happened to me. When I was a student my room got broken into. They took my stereo, TV and anything else that had any tiny piece of value. The most annoying thing was that I couldn’t really afford to get everything replaced as I was a poor student at the time. Fortunately I didn’t have a laptop and ipod, etc like all the kids probably have nowadays!


    Thankfully nothing like that has ever happpened to us but it muat be so awful knowing that someone has been going through your things.

    *Will be triple checking the doors tonight*

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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