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    I am an outdoor person and love camping especially near the beach. Does anyone else love the outdoors and camping or do you prefer staying in a hotel?


    I like being outdoors, and I used to camp out in tents as a kid.  Now, I’d prefer either a camper/RV or hotel.

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    i love the beach and woods when weather is warm which is most of the time in taiwan. love sleeping in outdoors with smell of the ocean and nature. love sleeping and partying in the wild outdoors.

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    I like to get out but life does not go that way these days. As the saying goes (and I have only just been thinking about it from my class re-union last night), I can crash almost anywhere lol. Seriously – I love the outdoors!

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    I like going for walks or bicycle rides, and I do like being outside, but I totally couldn’t rough it, I wouldn’t make it at all.  I need running water and electricity!  I totally wouldn’t survive in a post apocalyptic world, lol.


    My kids and I love camping. I don’t care what time of year it is. We do a lot of hiking and camping when we go hunting/fishing. I swear I sleep better on the hard ground than I do my own bed. 🙂


    At first I didn’t see myself as an outdoorsy, but at some point I met some people who became my friends and tried camping with them for the first time (as an adult). Then the second time. Then I decided to get some camping gear and now I’mfinaly traveling as much as I always wanted 😀


    I love the outdoors myself! I often went cycling around the cycle tracks in Essex. My dad, brother and myself would speed along the tracks and it was wonderful. In Sweden, too, my sister, brother and grandfather [who sadly passed away in 2000] would go walking in the woods. I LOVE doing that. But I haven’t been in the woods for many years now. I will put it on my bucket list. As for camping: I have never been camping. I do not know why. I would consider doing so. Maybe in the future.

    Anyhow, I definitely love the outdoors.


    I don’t get out as much as I might, and it is a long while since I went camping, but I love walking through the woods and fields. I do that, if only for a short walk, at least once a week.


    I used to camp a lot as there was always a cute guy around to go away with in my younger days. It was so free and spontaneous, I remember making love under the stars on a cliff top once ( corny I know but so sweet ). The weather always seemed so good as well, must be my rose tinted glasses lol.


    It reminds me of going to the Reading rock festival once Mikki when it rained heavily on the last night (luckily after everything was over). We abandoned the tent in the middle of the nght and went into the main arena. I was on the stage lol. When we went back to the tent in the morning there was a puddle 2 inches deep inside. It was fun though lol


    Walking in the woods is wonderful: it is so therapeutic. I also love walking through fields. I have done so many times. It uplifts the soul and cleanses the lungs. I love the outdoors and always will.

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