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    I can’t sing to save my life, but I’d be interested in knowing if you guys can.

    If so, can you/could you play an instrument: now or in the past? I played the guitar as a teenager, but realized quickly I didn’t have musical talent. Still, I tried.

    Over to you!


    Hope you received my private message back KitKatKitty!


    I took guitar lessons for a short time.  Like KitKatKitty, I discovered I had no talent.  I did do some singing as part of a choir, but I never entertained any ideas of “going solo.”


    I used to play guitar but nothing serious. Back in my teens there was a little bit of a group scene and I did try singing although I am not good at all and I did find it difficult, even in front of a small number of people. Like most things, I think it takes commitment, but most people are likely better than they think with practice.


    Ive always said Im a star in the shower, a diva with a duster,  a songbird  in a saloon car.. I enjoy singing and I always seem to have a tune in my head.  If I concetrate I can carry a tune but admit it,  who doesnt love screeching out the whitney high notes they have no chance of really being able to sing just for the fun of it ?


    I do know the Mariah Carey’s of the world are in short supply. Mariah is at the very top of her game. Plus, it takes more than one song to make a legend: she’s had 18 – or thereabouts – number one singles. And she’s been in the spotlight since 1988. Most artists would’ve been and gone by now. She isn’t a singer alone, either: she’s also written most of her songs. That kind of ability and stability is incredibly rare. Plus, she’s attractive.

    Even if I’d continued with the guitar I never would’ve gotten to that level. A lot of musicians with musical talent maybe have 1 hit album, if they’re lucky. Mariah Carey has had over 8 hit albums. Basically, being able to sing is not enough to reach a professional level. Susan Boyle can match Mariah’s vocal ability, but she doesn’t have Mariah’s song writing talent.


    To be honest, even if I could sing, I wouldn’t use that ability. I have no skills with stage work and never will. However, I still love going to the cinema and to the theatre a few times a year: I do admire and respect the performers of the world. Mariah Carey has what I don’t in that regard. And pots of money.

    Anyhow, being able to sing doesn’t appeal. I would work behind the scenes, if I were to work in entertainment. The spotlight isn’t for me. What about you?


    Have private messaged you back KitKatKitty!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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