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Car Maintenance

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    I was talking to a few of my female colleagues at work today and was surprised at how many of them didn’t know how to change a tyre or even check the oil in their car. What happens if you can’t change a tyre and get a puncture? Even if you are a member of a breakdown company, you might not have your phone with you, or a signal, or your phone battery might even be flat.

    Could you change a tyre? Could you top up your oil? Share your car maintenance abilities here, let’s see what we could all deal with!


    Well, I don’t drive, but if I could I would want to know how to make basic checks on the vehicle – wouldn’t like to be stranded in the middle of nowhere.

    Luckily my OH is a whizz on car repairs, so one day he can teach me everything I need to know.

    I do think that tire change and levels check should be part of the driving test pass requirement tbh.


    Well I know how to drive my car, how to put petrol in it, how to top up the water and how to put oil in it. I have never changed a tyre in my life. tbh I don,t think I,d be strong enough to undo the bolts and jack the car up anyway. I get my OH to put air in the tyres when they need doing. Your right though, we should know a bit more about our cars and just basic maintencane.
    I also agree with you Squeezy. I think basic things like teaching you how to fill up with petrol etc should be part of the driving test. I mean whats the point in learning to drive a car if you dont even know how to put petrol in it?


    Ummm I can put petrol in, and put screenwash in but that’s about it. I am sure I could figure out how to put oil in, but as for changing a tyre I wouldnt know where to start. Yes squeezy I think some basic stuff like that should be included in the test.


    I wouldn’t know where to start changing a tyre, although I can check the oil, top up the screenwash and even replace windscreen wipers. I’ll need to get the hubbie to show me how to change a tyre soon though as I am always worried I’ll get a flat when driving alone at night (although that in itself happens rarely, you never know).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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