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    Feel like my desk job of 10 years is making me unhappy. I am taking classes online to get certified in a new field and planning to switch careers in 1 year. I am super nervous and scared to fail. I feel it is now or never and I will never know unless I try! Other women I speak to about it don’t seem too supportive and think I am all talk.


    Has anyone changed thier career after 30?


    I changed several times until finalising just after 30. When I left school I was not sure what to do and, being rather nerdy and studious, I was different than  my friends at the time. I cannot say that I have ever been totally set in any job as I am always interested in many things. A friend when we were on a course once said to me when my anxiety was showing – ‘You put in the time, do the work and get the result.’ It’s a good way of thinking! Make your calculated decision and follow it. If you dither too much you will always be wondering ‘what if?’.

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    Just suppose you dont change careers.

    These days we are all expected to work until 65+ can you imagine doing what youre doing now for another 30 years? Would you be happy about it?

    If not then change is a good idea. Remember you have only one life dont get to the end of it and say ” I wish I had done that ” get to the end and say ” wow I did that”

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    I’ve stuck with the same job for over 10 years: and have no plans to quit. I branched out with night classes for a few years. I also took up creative writing and have had a small success with it. BUT I do want more to achieve.

    I think changing your career in your 30’s is entirely possible. If you’re unhappy, then switch jobs. Do what your heart desires. Personally speaking, I prefer working alone – and always will. However, I am able to work in an office – which I do – and am comfortable with a small amount of staff.

    Anyhow, good luck with your studies and realize you CAN have your dream job: whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or even 80’s!

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    Have Private messaged you KitKatKitty!

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    Thanks so much for the support and kinds words!


    I have to say I have fallen in love with my job again: I go in every week and feel better for doing so. Having a job makes you feel proud. OK, I’m not a rockstar or actress, but I love the atmosphere of my office and enjoy the work.

    Anyhow, I was glad to help, sagirl.


    Sure why not change jobs in your 30’s. You have at least 30 more years of work-productive life. It is important to have a fulfilling job and always grow and evolve. Plus in this economy it is expected to even change careers over time. Go for it and good luck.

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    So many jobs are seen as jobs: if you see what I mean. There are many ways to work and make a living. It’s like I make a living from the Internet. I have forums and creative writing and the suchlike. Work does not necessarily have to mean working behind a till – although that is also important work – it can mean typing letters or selling something or advising people, etc. Work is anything and everything. The most important thing is that you enjoy your choice of work. You have every right to work and feel a sense of achievement. Changing your career in your mid 30’s is not only doable but a possibility I would encourage you to take.

    You’ve only got one life and you want to be happy, so go for it!


    The only constant in life is change….

    Do whatever makes you happy.

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    I started out in retail and after having my children I did a management course ( hard work phew! ) I managed to get an office job. This I enjoyed and have progressed since and am still enjoying it.

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    Why not? I also changed my job recently and I am now very happy with my new job. Before my current job I had a boring office job and now print and web inspection are part of my responsibilities. I am on the road a lot and and get to know a lot of new people. I love it!


    Brilliant, juliaschaefer! It is good to enjoy your work.

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