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    Feel like my desk job of 10 years is making me unhappy. I am taking classes online to get certified in a new field and planning to switch careers in 1 year. I am super nervous and scared to fail. I feel it is now or never and I will never know unless I try! Other women I speak to about it don’t seem too supportive and think I am all talk.


    Has anyone changed thier career after 30?


    I changed several times until finalising just after 30. When I left school I was not sure what to do and, being rather nerdy and studious, I was different than  my friends at the time. I cannot say that I have ever been totally set in any job as I am always interested in many things. A friend when we were on a course once said to me when my anxiety was showing – ‘You put in the time, do the work and get the result.’ It’s a good way of thinking! Make your calculated decision and follow it. If you dither too much you will always be wondering ‘what if?’.

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    Just suppose you dont change careers.

    These days we are all expected to work until 65+ can you imagine doing what youre doing now for another 30 years? Would you be happy about it?

    If not then change is a good idea. Remember you have only one life dont get to the end of it and say ” I wish I had done that ” get to the end and say ” wow I did that”

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    I’ve stuck with the same job for over 10 years: and have no plans to quit. I branched out with night classes for a few years. I also took up creative writing and have had a small success with it. BUT I do want more to achieve.

    I think changing your career in your 30’s is entirely possible. If you’re unhappy, then switch jobs. Do what your heart desires. Personally speaking, I prefer working alone – and always will. However, I am able to work in an office – which I do – and am comfortable with a small amount of staff.

    Anyhow, good luck with your studies and realize you CAN have your dream job: whether you’re in your 30’s, 40’s or even 80’s!

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    Have Private messaged you KitKatKitty!

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    Thanks so much for the support and kinds words!


    I have to say I have fallen in love with my job again: I go in every week and feel better for doing so. Having a job makes you feel proud. OK, I’m not a rockstar or actress, but I love the atmosphere of my office and enjoy the work.

    Anyhow, I was glad to help, sagirl.

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