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    I was just curious, what does everyone do for a living? I’m a psychologist myself but looking to possibly do a career change. So it would be interesting to hear about the career paths you all chose? 😊


    Healthcare (NHS). Providing and configuring electronic aids for physically disabled people (equipment similar to Stephen Hawking).


    I have two jobs: one as an office assistant and the other as a published writer. I love working in an office. It is only part-time but I love it. Writing is also in my blood. I also work with the disabled. But that is not paid work. I keep busy!


    For me it has always been office or admin, I ended up as an office manager but had to cut back when I had children. like everyone else  probably and I went back on reduced hours. Boring I know but that is life, perhaps one day men can have kids and have a broken career like us.


    I work largely on my own as the N American representative for a group of Scottish real estate investors doing business in the eastern US. I do the research on any property they are thinking of buying- to make sure its not on the site of some lead battery factory. So I have lots of interaction with the trades on these sites who have come to accept a woman in heels and a hardhat inspecting their site.


    Good on you, Rhonda333. It is good that you get respect in your job. Being a woman doesn’t lessen your power. You’re right to be proud. Wear those heels with pride.


    i am a model, dancer and escort part time


    You must be incredibly good looking to be a model, rabbithabit. I am too short to model. Anyhow, it sounds like you’ve got great jobs! Dancing is wonderful.


    i am short too. compensate by wearing skyscraper platform high heels when working. i only 154cm tall without very high heels. 30cm stem and 12cm platform


    You are a girl after my own heart. Those heels sound gorgeous.


    I used to be one pf those pariah things, you know, an nhs manager. 😀

    Now I am self employed.

    Being self employed is so great, I honestly had no idea, or I would have done it so much earlier. 😛


    kitkat, how i get up in my world, my fav heels


    Cherry, What be a pariah thingy?


    Hi Rabbit do you as an escort do everything the guy asks, just curious. x


    mikki, only what my pimp Ben agreed to in advance. he only approved reasonable and traditional accommodation that are unharmful to my body at a appropriate price

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 65 total)
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