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    Who’s your celebrity crush and why? And if you could tell them one thing what would that be? Mine is Dwayne Johnson because so muscular, sweet and rich. i would tell him i am madly in love with him body and personality.


    I can see that, Bunny.

    I’ve never had the normal celebrity crushes that teenagers had, like Scott Baio, Andy Gibb, etc.  I’ve always liked Sam Elliot, even as a young teen.  It’s that voice of his that makes me melt.


    Sorry girls but as  am older than you Roger Federer does it for me, he can serve to me anytime lol.


    Fernando Alonso! There is just something about him.


    “Mr. Magic Mike” Channing Tatum. My reasoning behind this is well just look at him. 😂


    Ed Sheeran- I love his Irish accent and his ginger hair.


    I want to be Mrs. John Cena…..mmmm that body is yummy!


    I do love Chris Hemsworth.  His eyes are just gorgeous, and his face is shaped so absolutely perfect, and also his height and muscles, just enough to show how strong he is without being really over the top.  And his voice!

    Okay I’m going to my happy place now …


    My celebrity crush had been Michael Hutchence. Of course, he’s gone now, but he had been very handsome. Definitely one of the good looking ones!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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