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    Is the way some children speak to teachers appalling? I was recently told to p*** off and threatened by a girl that she would p*** on my carpet when I wouldn’t let her go to the toilet.


    I don’t know but I know it isn’t acceptable. Some children will always be like that. But, again, it is not right. I have no answers.


    If children are not disciplined at home I guess it makes it more difficult for teachers to have control in the classroom. Also teachers have to be so careful now to ensure they cannot be accused of assaulting a child. The child has the upper hand I’m afraid.


    I agree, it is difficult. Interestingly, in a job I did, I used to visit special schools. I found there that they gave short shrift to any child behaving badly (It made me quake when the teachers shouted at times).  I found this at several schools. Children are often at these schools for their entire school life, and usually learn to fit in quickly. There is usually a lot of genuine respect in the latter years. Disabled children can be just as bad as fitter ones (just beware of being run into by a wheelchair 😄 – not always funny 😉).


    Children – disabled or not – do need to be disciplined. Their childhood years are the blueprint of their adult life. They will push to test their boundaries. And I agree children usually try to fit in. When I was at primary school I always tried hard to fit in myself. Getting along with the other children then mean I get along with people in adulthood. Children do need to be shown love – nobody’s doubting that – and given an example by the adults behavior as to how to behave themselves.


    Where are their MOTHERS?. I grant you the male half is often a piece of ________, but no one on earth has more  at stake with her son. She should establish discipline and maintain it. A friend has a husband who is a big burly school bus driver- more that equipped to deal with an unruly kid. His instructions when a kid gets out of line, pull the bus over and call the police. Just crazy.


    I know people have always moaned about children, but we don’t have to be so right wing about it.

    Children are no different from adults, and if you think it is acceptable to treat adults in the same way you are advocating for children, you can leave me out.



    Children and adults are vastly different- or so it should be. Children are voracious little sponges who eagerly absorb the behavior of adults around them. That’s how they learn.  But they also have to learn the rules and what they can get away with. They are constantly testing. So yes, parents need to enforce the rules and I happen to think a little physical intervention is sometimes necessary.


    “A little physical intervention.”

    What a lovely and twee description of what is more plainly described as ‘violence on children’.








    I agree acherrystone: hitting a child is never acceptable. It just hurts them needlessly and teaches them nothing. There are strict rules in schools and even parents can get into trouble for striking their child. Violence is NEVER right: no matter how naughty the child has been.

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