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Christmas preperations..

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    Well …

    All the gift shopping is done the two parcels that had to go overseas have been sent. My cards are printed and just need to be sent.

    My mincemeat for the mice pies is ready  and my planning is on track..

    I chose recycled wrapping paper and as we have done for the past few years Ive had only 10 cards printed. Most people are on FB and I will put out a photo greeting to them there, so only close family/friends get a card and the money we save on cards and postage gets doubled and donated to our local food bank.

    This week I visited a recycle boulevade and picked up a few extra baubles for the tree they only cost a few pennies and it saves waste.


    How far are you in your preperations?


    You’ve done far more Christmas preparations than me! I have bought a few presents and have also bought a handful of Christmas cards: mainly for my family, though.

    I shall take your tips and do so myself! Because it is great to be organized.

    Out of curiosity, are you doing the Christmas dinner yourself? Or are you having it cooked for you? I shall be doing Christmas dinner with my sister. We do so most years.

    Merry Christmas!


    @KitKatKitty I love to cook so I will be doing it all myself as well as making mince pies (not mice lol) for my neighbours and light fruit cakes for elderly friends.


    One or two gifts are now in. It gets quieter year by year these days but I don’t get as far as ordering the Christmas meat or putting decorations up before December. The Christmas cards have fallen to a handful now although we are doing the ‘Secret Santa’ Christmas card with the art group again so I am in the middle of producing one.


    Well tomorrow is my last big shop this year.  My daughter and I go to Germany once a month and tomorrow is our last trip before Christmas our lists are huge luckily I have a station car so I can fit lots in it. I love lebkuchen and printen so I will make sure I get lots.

    I have some decorations up but my tree goes up this weekend . I always wait until after 5 dec the feast of St Nicolaas in keeping with the local tradtion.

    Only cards to local friends are left to send. Now I have to hope my mother parcel gets to her and doesnt end up getting returned to me , she has been admitted to hospital again so she wont be there to recieve it Im hoping her neighbours will take it in and be honest enough to give it to her when she gets home.



    I haven’t put up a lick of decorations yet.  I’ll probably do it all this weekend as well.


    I promised m mother I would put up her decorations when I visit on Saturday. Ours are now readily to hand as they were moved from loft storage when the kids finally moved out and we had a spare room, so will be put up soon.


    Ive just got back from my mega shopping trip. We left at 6.30 and got in at 2.45pm…I spent a lot but saved lots too.. my freezer and my cupboards are now fully stocked.

    Tired but happy.


    I do love this time of year! I’ve been out & about shopping  in town.

    Merry Christmas!

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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