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    As a transgender MTF woman, I am just wondering how CIS women views us. This is not a “war” question. I am just curious as I am just starting to come out and will soon start HRT hormon treatment. I am aware of different male views of us transgender women.

    So how do you girls here view a transgender woman? Are we men in womens bodies, hybrids, women? Please share your thought from a CIS woman perspective whatever they are.

    I am asking this just to prepare myself when coming out to the public. So your answers will be helpful to me to prepare myself for whatever I will encounter out there.




    I think our views are varied much in the same way as men’s. The differences tend to be in perception and approach to things, and views will vary so you will likely not get a definitive answer. Personally I have not met any transgender people, as far as I know, but I have no worries, and am happy as people live as they are inside. I have never been an activist in any way and, although understanding those who are, don’t really go for anyone amost forcing themselves on the world (please don’t think I am talking about you here, as I am not, just people who force their rights).  I would be happy, as long as you are a honest caring person, and would not expect you to divulge your ‘transgenderism’ unless it was to get yourself out of a situation, or in a relationship or close friendship in which it would cause major embarrassment. For instance – You have been open in who you are here. As far as I am concerned you are another woman and need not worry about being different.  There may be others who think differently, but being open and friendly will find you accepted and new friends.

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    I would say that individuals including those that are transgender, know themselves and who they are better than what someone else may think of them. But since you are asking my opinion, to simply put it, to me Anna you are a woman. Unfortunately, I know there are people in this world who would have much different opinions, but those people aren’t the ones who matter. I apologize if this sounds cheesy in any way, but honestly just be true to yourself and good things will come. You do you, and if someone doesn’t agree with that then they aren’t worth your time and aren’t worth worrying over. Focus on the people who support you. ♥

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    Thank you girls! It feels great to be here 🙂



    i have femme guys and butch girls as friends and treat them equally with my straight friends. i dated a butch girl with a man tool for quite a while and treated her as my boyfriend in public and private. same sex marriage is legal everywhere in taiwan. gays and lesbian are treated well here by most people here


    Hello Anna!  I’m so glad you’re feeling welcome so far. 🙂

    I have several transgender women friends, I feel as comfortable around them as I do with other women and I don’t view them as men.  I have one friend who is younger than me, and she’s just starting her transition, she just came out to her parents a few weeks ago.  I’m very glad to be supportive of her, and I feel very special how she’s been looking up to me and she’s really been appreciating my emotional support with what she’s going through.  If you ever need to talk please do, in my experience so far everyone here’s absolutely lovely and we’ll be with you.

    One thing I do struggle with sometimes with some of my (older) transgender friends is when she forgets her life experiences aren’t the same as mine, I do feel there’s a difference growing up a man as there is growing up a woman.  As a girl you’re bombarded with sexist expectations from when you’re born, and you can’t just understand that without having experienced it.  I do feel cisgender women will support transgender women, and love transgender women supporting us, but I just do recommend remembering our perspectives won’t be 100% the same, like you’ll have struggles I’ll never truly understand, and I also have life experiences you won’t completely understand either, you know what I mean?  Oh dear I do hope I’m not coming across wrong here.

    Welcome to Female Forum, oh I do look forward to talking to you more. 🙂


    Thank you all again! I love the replies!


    All people have a right to be here: whether transgender or anything else. At the end of the day, a person has to be happy with who they are. And if they feel male or female, they have the right to change for themselves. What others think should have little relevance. Of course, that’s easy to say, but all are different, all are great. And regardless of gender, a person has a right to be happy.

    Don’t let the haters drag you down.


    Well I can tell you all that transgendering  is the biggest undertaking in life. Nothing else demand the sacrifice, the perservance, the dedication, and the endurance of a lifetime of trying and failing to be accepted. Those of us who made it successfully are just a small part of those who try and do not achieve a favorable outcome. My heart goes out to them.

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