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    Meeting Jo Whiley! And being friends with her mum, Christine. I also had a wonderful conversation with India. India is really gorgeous and really nice. The Whiley family are great.

    YOUR claim to fame?


    I cannot think of anything of note although there have been little things over the years. I suppose it was maybe my earlier days in healthcare when the group I worked with were part of some world leading research into support for disabled people. I did get my name as an add to one or two reasearch papers. Various cuts came along and sadly changed the role of the department though.

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    Famous people , Ive met lots ..My dad worked for Texaco oil in their London office so I met Nikki Lauder and James Hunt..

    My mum worked for Roy Kinnear who was a fabulous man he was just so kind and so lovely he used to buy us ice creams..

    Ive met Tony Curtis Rolf Harris and various other film and music stars,,but its funny when you meet someone and cant place them.

    I was at work and a young man came over to buy a coffee… I felt I knew him from somewhere but couldnt place him..I asked if he wanted sugar and then added ‘or are you sweet enough’?  He laughed lent on the counter and said ..No idea you tell me.. We laughed and joked flirted a bit while he drank his coffee and then off he went.. straight away I was surrounded by female collegues  who asked me all about my customer.. Dont you know who he is? they asked..

    I said I though I knew him from the pub or something and they all laughed and gasped. Turns out he was some famous singer.. There I was casually flirting and they were all peeing their pants dying to speak to him.. Famous or not he is just a bloke….

    I suppose the nearest Ive come to fame is being asked to autograph my books a couple of times.


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    My friend on an out-of-date website knew someone who went to primary school with Sade. I wouldn’t mind meeting her myself! She has the most incredible lips. I wish! I’d also like to meet Bono. Now he is totally cool.

    Another claim to fame!


    Hope your well KitKatKitty – have private messaged you back as promised!

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    People often assume famous people are nice: that isn’t quite true. No one famous has been nasty to me, but I have heard about the famous and their nasty behaviour. Fame doesn’t make someone a god or goddess. In fact, they can be so human it’s untrue. The famous person is nice to the group, but they still have their prejudices and can often look down upon those with lesser money. They can also be greedy and arrogant.

    This all sounds very negative, but keep your favourite famous person as a fantasy figure: or you’ll come crashing down to earth.

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    my claim to fame is that I met the woman who plays kat slator in eastenders (a UK soap opera)


    it was a weird experience actually. she was nothing  like kat (in fact she was so quiet you’d hardly know that hours later she’d be raging on the square!)


    another claim to fame is that I have had an email from author daniele steel.


    love her books and she was just thanking me for a review I posted

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