Claim To Fame?

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    I am friends with Jo Whiley’s Mum, Christine. I have had a few conversations with India, too. I am friends with Jennifer Garner on a website. I was friends with Jennifer Lopez on Facebook for a while. My next goal is to meet Bono.

    I had a letter published in Just 17 magazine in 1996. I had an excerpt of my advice published in Cosmo magazine, as I was an agony aunt on there for a few years.

    Your claim to fame?


    I was watching the Stephen Hawking film (The Theory of Everything) at the weekend but had some mixed feelings about it. Although I never met Stephen I did recognise one real person who I used to know fairly well, portrayed by an actor in the film and also did have some knowledge of some of the underlying relationships. They were not developed too much in the film which I was happy about as I remember it being hard on nice people at the time. A good friend was hurt! From a technical angle I knew much of the backgound to his later communication too. That too was much of a sideline in the film. Really it brough many memories back.

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    I have not seen this film, SpinningJen. Of course I’ve heard of Steven Hawking film, though. I plan on watching it in the next few months. I know a little about the man. He is a legend and – I believe – has inspired the world.

    Have you seen the advert on YouTube recently, where Steven Hawking is the narrator? It is such a good advert. If you see it on YouTube, don’t skip it: it is worth a view.


    I remember seeing one somewhere Kitty. I do recognise his ‘voice’ as being ‘DECtalk’ though. I am getting a bit nerdy here as it was something I used with patients at work, but it is something probably easily exploited:




    My friend on another website had a friend who went to primary school with Sade [whose real name is Helen Adu].

    Another claim to fame! Or nearabouts.

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