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Clothes for the larger woman

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    I just read the article about fashion must haves for women but it didn’t really mention what to wear if you are a little on the larger side. Everyone always says you should wear black but when you watch tv shows they say black is dull and boring. On how to look good naked they are always dressing larger woman in brighter colours and clothes that are more revealing so what is the right thing to wear!?


    It all depends on your shape.

    You can be large in some areas and slimmer in others and what you wear shoudl flatter the good bits.

    For example: If you don’t like your hips but you have a good upper half, (Pear shape) an A-line skirt would skim the hips while a colourful top half would draw the attention away and towards your better area.

    No one should wear all black unless they’re at a funeral 🙂 Or unless it’s a Little Black Dress with beautiful accessories.


    Thanks for the tips squeezy, I love colours but just dont really have the confidence to wear them. Hmmm lets see if I can start off slow with some darker colours next time I head out to the shops!


    Just mix and match – wear a black skirt/trousers with a brighter top

    I hate wearing black tops myself – they look awful on me, really draining.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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