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    What influences you the most when you go out to purchase new clothing? Is it sales, comfort, trends or something else?

    I always enjoy a bargain and comfort in clothing is a huge plus for me. Trends I usually don’t fall into those patterns because they usually come and go out of style so fast it usually don’t last.


    I don’t buy new clothes often, I have styles I like that I sort of stick to, I’ll go out once in a while usually when a new season starts and buy a few things, like shirts or bottoms or something.  I’ll look at sales but I’m not too concerned that way, mainly if I feel I’ll look and feel good wearing it.

    My most recent purchase was a pair of flip flops, I haven’t worn those in many years, but I needed something I can just slip on quick for making quick trips out of my house.

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    I usually shop for things as I need them.

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    I sometime go specifically for things, but generally find in just browsing I find things better. Knowing that I have little spare space means I have to be hard and I seldom buy things that I don’t need.

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    I confess I love shopping either online or in store, it is lovely browsing the racks looking for that bargain that you don’t really need but just have to have it. I like to think I am a sassy dresser when the occasion presents its self.

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    I usually don’t shop unless I’ve broken some of my clothes, as I have a 31M size boobs. I don’t really know what I was thinking when I had them done, but my clothes usually break within a month or so of buying them. I buy bigger sizes, but they just look really weird.


    There are shops around online which do unusual sizes as they can focus the limited demands. Otherwise it’s taking up sewing to alter your clothes.

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    I tend to buy clothing as & when I want to. I have picked up many items and have quite an extensive wardrobe. What influences me is personal style and preference. I don’t follow fashion trends in magazines: I choose clothes based on what works for me. However, I still love being feminine and wearing skirts and dresses and wonderful shoes. Because I LOVE shoes. Especially in summer. Women’s shoes are beautiful. Although I am not able to walk in high heels, so have to pass on that particular fashion item.

    Anyhow, I dress well and smartly. I seldom wear jeans. I avoid T-Shirts: I hate them. I don’t wear tracksuits, either. I look good and love a variety of personal styles.

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    Ive  done the trendy thing, the fashionable thing , Ive done the business look, Ive done the mummy thing, now I wear what suits my lifestyle. Im retired and enjoy walking in the country with my dogs, I rarely go out to dinner or anywhere else and I dont do social stuff  so I have 3 pairs of walking shoes, 2 pairs of rainboots,a real rain mac, and winter parka, loads of jeans and long sleeve tshirts but only one nice pair of shoes and 4 dresses.

    I have to admit clothes just dont motivate me anymore in fact they stifle me a lot of the time. I cant wear high necks or tight clothes or man made or woolen knitted fibres so there isnt much fun in going shopping for me.



    Over the years I have had times when I have done most things. I have a good variation of clothes. I prefer skirts and dresses rather than jeans, but, for instance,  when walking in the countryside they are more practical. I like to dress for the occasion. Plain T-Shirts are Ok but I hate logos and adverts. Being interested in fashion to some extent with my drawing means I have some idea, but prefer to avoid the latest thing which is soon yesterday.

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