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Coffee or Tea?

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    Just thought I would try out this poll thingy – so are you a coffee drinker or a tea drinker? I live my tea but just lately have been getting into coffee (especially in the mornings).

    What is your hot tipple of choice?


    Tea, definitely. One in the morning and another in the evening.

    Is it just me, or doesn’t it taste so much better when someone else makes it for you?

    That’s the excuse I use with my OH anyway, hehe 😆


    I have to vote coffee, although I like tea it just takes too long to make and I always forget about it resulting in a stewed teabag!


    Definitely a tea drinker here – I love the stuff!


    I had to vote both. I was always a tea drinker, but had to drink the coffee during my university days when I had papers to write. Now I live in the US, there is just no avoiding the stuff – we even got a coffee grinder and brewer combo machine for our place. Fresh coffee is just great, but I will never abandon my tea loving roots!!


    Tea all the way for me! I don’t even like the smell of coffee ugh!


    Coffee coffee all the way…cant move first thing without at least a pint of the stuff….lol

    When I met my guy one of the deciding factors when he first asked me back to his was that he made REAL coffee…no nescafe sweepings up 4 me thank u very much…lol

    Yes yes..I know its bad 4 me but hey I smoke, like the odd supersize voddy n coke and consume lots of chocs so…when me numbers up its up eh????….lol

    looking 4ward to becoming a cat in me next life anyway….hmmmm..thats given me an idea for a new topic to post….watch this space!!!!

    Saffi xx :coolhmm:


    I choose both…

    I enjoy a cup of coffee now and again but refuse to buy from Starbucks or any other place that charges $3 for it! Although I have co-workers that save their plastic cups from Starbucks and they bring it back for $1 refills which I can appreciate, at least they aren’t wasting plastic cups.

    Love to have a cup of tea when I wake up, one when I get into work and one when at the end of the day.




    Love iced coffee with whippy cream, choccy sprinkles and a flake – does that make me odd or just a greedy piglet – LOL!!


    lol sharon! Sounds like you have a sweet tooth! Nothing wrong with that!


    In terms of tastiness, both.

    But I voted for tea, because I can drink more than one cup of it without going nuts then crashing. I love a good cup of coffee but I seem to be pretty sensitive to it’s effects!

    Plus, you can dunk biscuits in tea, I don’t think they taste so good dunked in coffee!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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