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    This has become a big news event with celebs Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin coming to the forefront of being involved in this scam and giving large sums of money to this Scam Artist to get their children into prominent Universities. This really makes me sick because for one I know how hard it was for me to get into the college I got into and it is a lot of work and it wasn’t even one of these top schools that these Celebrity kids are faking there way into. The really sad thing about this is there are kids out there that lost spots because of these kids. Legitimate students who worked there asses off and didn’t have mommy and daddy give some scam artist loads of money to Photoshop there faces on an athletes body and make up a fake bio about them and change the SAT scores. The ring leader of this whole thing faces 65 years in prison which really would be a life sentence for him due to his age. As for the celebrities, I have already heard Loughlin has been canned from her Hallmark movies contract and that is probably going to be soon to follow by Fuller House as well. I don’t know about Felicity Huffman. As for prison time I don’t know what they would be looking at for the involvement they had in all of this. There are also many others involved in this as well. Just wanted to see what you all thought of this mess.


    I have not looked too much into the news recently as the Brexit thing over here is really too depressing for words, as the politicians are getting it round their necks. What you are talking about sounds like what is beginning to happen here as people with money (or aspire to looking like they have) try all manner of devious tricks to get the school of their choice. It stinks!

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    The rich always get preferential treatment in a capitalist country. Glad to hear this scam is getting some justice well earned by the elite. they will buy their way to freedom and rise again as popular. money is the best way to get importance in a capitalism community


    Sadly its always been one rule for the rich and another for the poor.. The same goes in the UK if you have a posh name or posh family..

    Many a titled student would not have his/her place if her last name had simply been Smith or Brown but a famous name attracts other famous names and with them comes the money that many of these schools need to maintain their elite standing.


    @ SpinningJen couldnt agree more re the Brexit  chaos, my SIL was over for a visit recently and we heard Brexit brexit brexit morning noon and night. Its really bought out the nasty side of people as well. Yesterday an otherwise perfectly nice man told me in no uncertain terms that its all a consipirisey cooked up by the Germans and that they are behind the collapse of the UK the NHS, the crime increases, the car industry and the Police cutbacks. He thinks we are all in it just to get the UK to crumble which according to him wont happen and the UK will rise up and show them whos boss..

    Total madness on both sides.

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    This is a world wide condition not limited to specific countries. Every place I’ve been i heard the same jive from the rich. There breeds are more important to society than poor peasants as they will have greater impact on the world.

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    The rich do often get away with it. Money can breed comtempt. There is a war between the rich and poor. But that is another topic.

    It does seem an injustice. Unfortunately, I don’t know enough to comment further, but I see what you’re saying. Because you all did work hard to get into college and university and had to fund it yourselves.

    It is not fair, I agree.


    I hate to break it to you all, but this activity in some form has been happening for years, maybe not to this extreme.  I agree that all those involved in this scam should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

    The elite schools have always given preference to the children of alumni and certain “generous benefactors.”  They didn’t have to pretend to be athletes and given scholarships because their parents already had money for tuition.  These schools have enormous endowment funds, of which they dedicate only a small amount for scholarships to fund tuition for a couple of not-so-wealthy students.

    I’ve always had a suspicion that the reason tuition has been rising so rapidly is that the proliferation of student loans has been “easy money” for these universities…thus the rise in these various for-profit schools with questionable credentials/accreditation.  Once <i>the schools </i>are paid, they don’t care about the quality of student education or their ability to pay off student loans.  The lending institutions are more than happy to lend money to a student!  They practically throw money at them, as these loans cannot be discharged in bankruptcy!

    I just read that my suspicions have been validated by a few studies.

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    I agree that the student loans are not helpful to younger people. It is putting them into debt just when they need to be building things up as they try to progress to buying a house and setting up their lives. Many face a future of eternal credit and interest payments while the sharks get even richer. I am beginning to wonder how the ‘new’ university here in Lincoln UK could rise from not existing when I left school to now occupying a major part of the city, and influencing all housing decisions. There is a lot of money talking somewhere!

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    I was interested to read your post, TestDummyC: I have to admit I was a little ignorant of how college and university funding works and will never be an expert, but you have opened my eyes. Now, I did go to college: but not university. Living in Britain I did not have to pay for my college course tuition. If I had had to, my dad would’ve paid it [OK, lucky me] but I can see why people are often up in arms over the whole scam. It isn’t fair and it is not right. However, it is as it is. I doubt it will ever change [when money is involved it doesn’t tend to] but it would be better if there was no corruption [for lack of a better word].

    Again, an interesting thread.


    I agree with you ladies that the rich get away with a lot and they are privileged in many ways and I hope that this is not one of the things that that get away with. What infuriates me the most is that other qualified students lost spots because of these fake applicants. These are students that worked their asses off and their spots were taken by the privileged rich kids. I hope if these people are found guilty and I believe they all will be found guilty in some manner that all the kids will be stripped of there scholarships and expelled from the Universities they currently attend. I certainly do not promote kids not getting an education, but I also don’t promote doing it by cheating. The crazy thing is that some of these celebrity kids the parents could have enrolled them in a decent University and paid the tuition, but there kids had to attend a prestigious University.

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