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    I keep my journal on my computer! Which I think is cool. I have for 20 years. I don’t bother with paper documents anymore: everything is digital.

    It is the modern world. And having a computer makes my life so much easier. The same is true for everyone these days, too.


    Computer technology much more effective in my opinion than the Manuel old fashioned ways!

    Have also private messaged you back KitKatKitty from your message the morning!


    I find there is something so emotional about the written word. I know my handwriting changes with emotion and my diaries include tickets or stubs from travel or entry into places Ive visited.

    Looking back over old diaries is quite thought provoking and a computer just does not have that same level of personality.

    But then I also feel that way about the printed word books have a smell the typeface and quality of paper is all part of the experience for me. Also Im not able to read screens for long because of my eye problems.

    I do keep a diary to record my husbands medical condition so that I can easily share files with health care professionals should I need to.

    So maybe there is room for both.


    I think there is probably room for both too! I don’t keep a diary or journal as such as I don’t really have time. It would maybe be a good idea to relax for half an hour a day doing so but that would be with paper and pen if I did. I see too much of a screen.


    I think there is room for the handwritten diary AND the journal a computer can provide. But I just find having a paper diary annoying. It just sits there, getting dusty. Whereas I can have a diary with graphic design and pictures, etc without taking up space in my apartment. I don’t even keep paper receipts anymore: my spending is tracked on a spreadsheet, so I can bin my receipts. With me, everything is digital.

    However, not with my Nan: my sister and I send her handwritten greeting cards, just to let her know we are thinking of her. It is so much more sentimental and meaningful than an email. I also write my close friend letters, just to cheer her up. I like sending cards: whether birthday, Christmas or just a plain “thinking of you”. So I agree with you: I think there is room for both, SpinningJen.

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