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    Hi, everyone.  I just got married in April and my husband snores like a grizzly bear!  He is retired and I work, so he’s been sleeping in the spare room.  On the one hand, I miss him with me at night, but on the other hand, I really need and love a good nights sleep.  We do make time for intimacy, but then he goes to the other room (his choice).  Is this the way it will always be?  Does anyone else have this situation? Thanks for “listening”.


    natural solutions and lifestyle changes, which may help you stop snoring.

    Change Your Sleep Position.
    …Lose Weight. ..
    .Avoid Alcohol.
    …Practice Good Sleep Hygiene. .
    ..Open Nasal Passages.
    …Change Your Pillows
    . …Stay Well Hydrated.

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    Many couples sleep in separate bedrooms.  It doesn’t mean they love each other any less; and like you said, they make time for intimacy.

    That being said, Bunny’s suggestions are well-known ways to help the situation.  If those don’t work, I wouldn’t get caught up in the way things should be, rather make the best of the way things are.

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    Thank you for the suggestions!  I saw on TV that something like 20% of couples sleep apart – mostly due to snoring!.  I guess its whatever makes it work.  Still… I miss the snuggling. :(.  I’ll suggest some of the remedies you suggested, Bunny.



    My ex snored terribly, I couldn’t sleep.  We did three things that really helped, one was I had him wear a Breathe Rite nasal strip every night, he got the “Extra” kind, that really helped!  And finally he would sleep facing away from me on his side, which also made it so much easier.  Between all these I slept very well at night!

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    I’ve got to using a box fan, white noise basically. And we really worked on the pillow arrangements. For me SO will start out sleeping ok and then start snoring later, I’ll ask him to roll over just so I can get back to sleep. Sleeping on your back is prime for snoring. I’m afraid to admit that I kinda like it when SO works graveyard shift, I get the bed to myself. :-/

    It’s not about doing what is “normal”, it’s about doing what’s right for the both of you. It never hurts to visit a dr however to make sure it wouldn’t be an easy fix. Not everyone likes the dr though so it might be easier said than done. Lol

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    Get your man to go see a doctor? What sort of black magic makes this possible? 😂

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    Yes, I agree that whats “Normal” for us is OK. He feels bad about it and has seen a doctor and tried several solutions to no avail.  So… I’ll just enjoy my silent sleep.  Thank you, ladies for your responses!!


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    as long as he is giving plenty  love time in your bed i would not get hung up on separate sleep quarters.


    Hi all, I think different solutions work for different people, one of my friends goes to bed early enough to be asleep when her husband goes to bed. She swears this works after trying some of the ” remedies ” and at least they wake up together in the same bed. I would try everything to avoid separate rooms.

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