Contacts or Glasses?

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    There was a period of time where contacts seem to be taking over and no one wanted to wear glasses, but now it seems like glasses are coming back into fashion. I am someone who needs to be wearing either my lenses or glasses at all times. For those ladies who need something to assist them with seeing correctly what do you prefer to wear and does it differ in the setting you are going to?

    For me I will wear my contacts most of the time, but if I am going to a place like where I am going to be listening to a speaker on a Medical topic and I know Doctors or Resident Doctors and other Medical School students I will wear my glasses to look older and even more studious.


    I almost always wear my contact lenses, I really don’t like wearing my glasses.  I put my contacts in when I first get up and I take them out right before bed.  I use dailies, so I throw mine away when finished and use a new pair each day.  I see so much better with contacts, and I really don’t like how I look.  And also like glasses get so dirty and give me headaches, you don’t get full vision, right?  I just have a pair for emergencies. 🙂

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    I hate glasses and so don’t wear mine unless I have to. I have thought about contact lenses, but after all the issues my mother had with them I have thought against it.

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    Thank god I have never had a problem with my vision. Not needing contacts or glasses is wonderful. I turn 38 years old this year and my eyes are still perfect. I do hope they stay that way in old age.

    If I had to use them, I would choose glasses over contacts.

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    I had perfect vision until a couple of years ago, when reading books or labels became a problem.  I now have reading glasses to use when I need them.

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