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Corona virus

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    Well someone has to talk about the elephant in the room. it’s in every newspaper and it’s on every news journal on the TV.

    Corona virus the latest scary virus to threaten us all or is it?

    Doctors and health officials seem to differ in their opinions of how dangerous this virus really is. Of course the media would love us to think this is the end of the world and are busy sowing the seeds of panic with sensational stories.

    So how scared of this are you and have you seen any signs where you live of people panicking?

    We noticed yesterday when doing our big shopping that not one shop had sanitizing hand gels , sanitising soaps  or disinfectants left, it’s quite funny really but it’s taken this virus to make people think about washing their hands.

    This morning I heard that some online shops are kicking out third party salespartners for trying to cash in on the virus panic. Ordinary face masks usually retailing at two or three euro were being offered at 10 or 20 times that price. Some shops are also limiting the amount of canned or dried goods that people can buy in order to stop panic buying end of the world prepping situations.


    So what do you think is this the one that will get us all or is it another storm in a teacup.?


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    From my work in healthcare I ended up with several bottles of sanitizer which I come across occasionally. Maybe I could make a few pounds lol.

    In the most part people are treating things in a jokey manner, although, when I took mum to the surgery this last week for a bloodtest the technician, who had a cold, did not seem too impressed when I said I was unconcerned about her cold unless she had been drinking Corona (which those in the Uk will remember was a brand of soft drinks – maybe she was too young to remember).

    There are many people who die from the flu yearly, and Corona virus is maybe no worse. I think it is the uncertainty and the fact that there is no vacination possible at the moment. This means that the elderly or very young cannot be easily protected.

    My opinion is to be sensible and not bow to hysteria. What will come will come, and we can all help if / when the time comes.


    Im sorry I had to laugh,,,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftoeanAB-hg


    People here say they are not panicking but the lack of dust masks (totally useless btw) and hand sanitizer say otherwise.


    There have always been epidemics in the world: we had the plague, scurvy, diptheria, AIDS and HIV, Ebola… the list goes on. There will always be a virus or bacteria making the public ill. I know with this virus they tried to contain it, but could not. That is scary. But it is a risk everyone faces. And naturally so. But the world won’t end: people will eradicate – or try to – this Corona Virus. It is scary, though: and I can’t blame people for feeling that way.


    Well among the sensible advice the scaremongering goes on. Yesterday I heard of a story going around saying that corona had mutated  with the HIV virus. NOT TRUE..

    This morning I heard that Fr<span class=”st”>ench authorities will requisition all  face mask stocks and production  during the coming months. Some dentists are saying they cannot get stocks of face masks as people have been buying then and so they will have to stop work if something isnt done. </span>

    Some shops in Australia are limiting toilet rolls and hand sanitizer per customer after a row over toilet paper escalated when a man pulled a knife!

    A young man from Singapore was badly beaten in Londons Oxford street on Monday after having corona shouted at him by a group of yobs..

    I think there has to be a clamp down on the overboard media hysteria because its  causing people to panic and do stupid things.



    Hiya, I worry that someone in the media is going to talk about food shortages and we know that will lead to food shortages as people will panic buy.


    I don’t think that all the people buying face masks and hand sanitizers are panicking.  I believe, they are opportunists looking for a big payoff.  I wonder how many of these products have recently gone up for resale on Ebay and other market sites like Amazon and Walmart.

    Several years ago, my husband brought home all kinds of nasty bugs for me.  I haven’t been sick since.  Recently, a friend and I were catching up.  He asked how we were all doing, and I mentioned that my hubby was still traveling and that he hasn’t brought home the coronavirus…yet.  LOL  Although there are no known cases in Nebraska (where he was) and Colorado (where we live), it’s still possible to catch it from another passenger on the plane just passing through.

    Every year, I volunteer at a very large international conference with about 12,000 to 14,000 attendees and a host of exhibitors and other support staff.  We’ll soon find out if Colorado remains virus-free after that event.


    There is talk of panic buying being raised now, and I wonder whether the obvious increase in customers in our local Asda when I visited yesterday was partly due to that. Perhaps it was a coincidence as it is the first week of the month and some people do shop monthly.

    I do wonder what plans they have where I used to work as it was only a small department covering a large part of the country visiting patients. Some of the work was critical for their continued living at home (at least without live in care) so if half the department were off it would be a big problem. It’s not mine now though but I still think about former workfriends and the patients.

    My daughter in law’s sister works in China. She was on holiday elsewhere when the outbreak started but, after a visit to her family here in the Uk, she has now gone back to China. Life goes on!


    I was absolutely disgusted when I heard that the online retailer coolblue had immediately raised prices of electrical goods quoting the Corona virus as a reason to me this comes over as sheer profiteering. I checked it out and the camera that I had been looking at has been raised by 25% needless to say even if the price comes back down coolblue will not be getting my money.


    Hi, a very sensible post Jen, I totally agree with you. The main points are that flu is more dangerous but as you say there is not really any treatment as yet and that it is highly infectious.


    This just in:

    Colorado officials announced the state’s first two presumptive positive case of coronavirus, according to a statement from the Colorado Department of Public Health.

    The first case is in an out-of-state visitor to Summit County. The visitor is a man in his 30s.

    When the man arrived at Denver airport on February 29, he was asymptomatic. He developed symptoms two days ago, was tested yesterday and today the state lab said the test was positive.

    The man was advised to go to a lower altitude and relocated to Jefferson County, the governor added. Coronavirus makes people sick, usually with a mild to moderate upper respiratory tract illness, similar to a common cold. 

    The man is in isolation and his fiancee is in quarantine. Two friends from Colorado have been given quarantine directions, the governor said.

    Gov. Jared Polis said the man traveled to Italy in mid-February and had a travel companion who has had a positive coronavirus test in another state.

    We don’t know much about the second case yet: Polis said he received word of the second case while preparing for a news conference about the first case.“We hope to have details on that later today,” he said.

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    That shows how it will spread due to the time between when someone realises they have the virus rather than just flu. There are probably quite a number of irresponsible people who will still behave as normal and effectively infect other groups as well. It is perhaps only the fact that there is not a mass movement of people in poor situations which is slowing the spread more than that of flu in the bad 1918 outbreak when large numbers of troops brought a massive influx of contamination all at once.

    On a more positive note this is beginning to seem more like science fiction timescales in which a rogue virus is unleashed on the world and it is up to a lab to develop a vaccine within a short space of time. The indications are that those timescales have not been reached yet but the accelerated rate of changed mean that maybe some forms of engineered vaccine are in preliminary testing now. A massive change from even when I was little.


    It is always difficult to develop a vaccine for a virus generally they cannot be treated and run their course. The 1918 flu killed I think over 2 million people worldwide but I could be wrong and we are expecting another, perhaps this is it.


    We finally have a statement from the Dutch PM Mark Rutte he has asked people to stop shaking hands (very big custom here) and to wash hands more often. Sensible and sound advice, meanwhile in the Uk and Ireland panic buying has set in.

    I didnt know anything about this until I read it via an online newspaper.  Which came first the chicken or the egg..ie;  was there mass panic buying that the press reported on or was it the reports that led to panic buying?




    Hiya, my view is that the press stir things up, if they just mention panic buying a lot of silly people will go out and stock up on things. The odd thing is there is a rush on toilet rolls and hand sanitisers not so much on food. Also the more times it is mentioned everyone else thinks they had better do it before the shops run out, stupid I think.

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