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Corona virus

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    I agree with Jen, the figures are bias towards the worst scenario but I suppose that keeps peoples minds focussed on isolation to protect themselves. Of course the media talk things up on any great news they did it with Brexit and this is the latest thing for them to get their teeth into. What worries me is Sweden have hardly any restrictive measures in place to halt the spread of the virus, this is bad as it will go there after it has declined across the world and they too will become a hot spot and spread it again.


    I had to do shopping this morning.. OMG it have me stomach pains..

    There were older people who seemed to think a piar of latex gloves was like a shield of invicabilty and they ran up behind me, they touched, they got too close, but Hey they had gloves on…

    Then there were the guys… we all know they lie about measurements (you know what I mean ladies) but it seems they really dont know the difference between 6 feet and 6 inches as they weaved in and out of people and leaned over to get stuff.

    And ladies please the shelves were full and no one ever died from a lack of hairspray so just wait a moment if someone is at an item you also want.

    I didnt want to do it but I have succumbed. I have a face mask. I have a vunerable OH and two elderly people to care for I cannot take the risk that someone desperate for a bag of nachos or a hairspray might infect me on my once a week dash.


    Young people seem the worst at thinking they cant get the virus, they just dont listen.

    Mind you I had to laugh at my son. Walking through the village in Ireland where he lives he saw an old lady with her walker stuck in a drain grate by the kerb,, he called over and asked if she was ok.. No she said Im stuck , so he said he would help but that would mean breaking the distacing rules and coming too close…He might give her the virus..

    She looked him straight in the eye and said ‘if you dont help me I will f**king freeze to death out here so get a move on’

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    Lovely story Cassandra about your son, I just feel nervous about going shopping now as some people do not seem to be aware of the distancing. Do you have to throw your mask away after wearing or do you wash it as it could have the virus on the outside.


    [quote quote=209544]Lovely story Cassandra about your son, I just feel nervous about going shopping now as some people do not seem to be aware of the distancing. Do you have to throw your mask away after wearing or do you wash it as it could have the virus on the outside.


    I have one that is cotton outside with a disposable filter. Luckily I only go shopping once  a week so I dont have to wear it all the time. One funny thing Ive found is that my ears are too floppy or bendy for the type that hooks behind your ears and they keep popping off, so mine has elastic that goes round my head..

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    Well floppy ears imagine that, I think it is practically one size fits all but the really good masks fit better from what I have seen on the tv. You do have a filter though to help, stay safe Cassandra  x


    Slightly strange thing happened here tonight but then we live in strange times. my doorbell rang and that’s strange enough in itself but outside one of my neighours was standing there with a bunch of flowers.

    he said on his way home from work in North Holland he had stopped and filled his car with flowers so that he could give everyone in the street a bunch of flowers to cheer them up.

    it felt strange accepting flowers from a man I’ve only spoken to half a dozen times in the last 20-years but the gesture was a kind one and I do appreciate his intention.


    How nice and thoughtful of your neighbour Cassandra, flowers are always welcome.


    So ? how is everyone coping?

    Have your lives changed a great deal and are you loving it or hating it?

    I must admit our lives and habits have changed very little. We didnt go out socially or mix with people and Im not a lover of shopping so nothing much has changed . I hate shopping more now but walking the dogs has been great and we live in a fairly rural area so we dont have crowds of people to deal with and of course petrol prices have dropped..

    My daughter is loving working from home she says she is more productive in both her home and work life because there are no distractions. No gossip or cattiness around the coffee machine, nobody asking daft questions while shes trying to work she is loving it although the rest of the staff seem to be less enthusistic.

    I wont mind if this continues for a while longer although I can see the effect it has on the economy. Maybe the first relaxation could be in industry and jobs where there isnt the need for close interaction between client and worker eg factories , carpet fitters, home painters,  car mechanics, etc all jobs that can be done while still adhering to social distance.


    I must admit where Im living the social kindness is still very apperent, some children chalked huge Easter drawings and texts of love outside an old people home on Friday so that residents could see them from their windows and a local charity arranged 60 Easter surprise bags for those less well off just through local facebook donations.

    Is there anything like this where you live?





    Now, for a little levity. . .

    [attachment file=”Golden Girls 2020.jpg”]


    Dont joke about the  storks …I saw 11 standing in one field yesterday…

    [attachment file=”DSCN4318 – kopie.JPG”]
    [attachment file=210219]


    My life is not greatly changed either although I do miss not being able to have a browse around the shops when I do the Sunday shop. I too live a quiet life. My son is working from home although I think his wife is going into work occasionally. My stepson is still working as he works in food production.

    I think the main thing I miss is not being able to just jump in the car and go somewhere, not that I did so often anyway. The children locally have put their Easter greetings up in their house wondows, as well as little rainbows and keep well notes. The thing I really liked was how some of them put similar, with chalk, on the pavements (sidewalk). It has cheered up my walks to see and read.


    I was ranting last night and this morning Im livid.

    In the Netherlands we have whats called intelligent lockdown.  So many non essential shops have closed and only their webshops remain open. Jobs where people can work from home are working from home and all public gatherings and places such as bars clubs etc are closed until further notice. People are not allowed to be in groups of more than two (unless living in the same house)

    But if you can work without breaking the social distancing rules then you carry on and people have been asked not to use public transport for non essential travel .

    Last night I watched a UK TV show where a woman was told having carpet fitted to an empty house was a no no.. Why? there is no one there.. No chance or contamination by or to the householder..

    Cars are not beng repaired or MOT’d why? Do people normally hand the spanners to the mechanic? Surely its more dangerous to have  non repaired cars on the road that to have a mechanic work using social distancing.

    Washing machine broken , wash all your clothes by hand.. Seriously???? Why cant a repair man work alone in a kitchen without anyone there? Does the householder have to breathe down his neck?

    Yet in London its ok to get a packed tube train into work…

    In the US Ive seen in one state you cant mow your grass or paint your house but you can buy beer or go to church.. The logic of that totally escapes me.

    Then this morning after reciveing the remider for Georges yearly vaccinations I called my vet. I can go in on monday afternoon. When I arrive at 2.30 I am to wait in the car,phone the surgery , if no one else s being treated I will be allowed to go in leave George in the treatment room and return to the waiting area.  The vet will enter from the other door treat George and then I can go back to collect him.. Simple and no contact between me and the vet.

    In the US this morning someone has posted a picture of their puppy who fell from a couch from the photo it looks as if the pup has broekn its leg (its bent up all funny and twisted). Because of lockdown the owner cant find a vet to treat the dog. So,  its a baby, its  in pain and with almost certainly life changing injuries. Thats not fair and not just being careful its being darnwell neglectful, this is an emergency sitaution and the vets wont see them.

    Im starting to think covid19 doesnt just kill people it kills common sense too.


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    I fully agree with you Cassandra, common sense should always be applied and not just sticking rigidly to rule that are simply not fair. I my view in the UK you should be allowed to go out when you like as long as you stay away from people but obviously be aware of anything you touch. I go shopping once a week now to lower my risk but for a while it was not clear if I could take my dogs in the car to a local wide open space give them a walk and then do the shopping on the way home. The home secretary has now said that is ok ( relief ).

    I would hate to wear a mask assuming I could get a supply of them, but I suppose they would be useful when you do your food shopping, I would not want  to wear one when out walking and exercising but just keep my distance upwind of course.


    Gosh I was so angry when I wrote that post this morning.

    I have no idea if the person has been able to see a vet with their puppy but the thought of that poor baby being in pain and suffering makes me so angry.

    Im so glad you are able to get out with your dog. I saw the footage of people being fined for walking dogs in the middle of nowhere and yet last night this idiotic display https://twitter.com/hashtag/ClapForCarers?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fd-36873058321897825396.ampproject.net%2F2004030010070%2Fframe.html


    It beggers belief that police who on one hand tell a man he cant play in his own garden then ignore the rules themselves!


    Hi Cassandra, I don’t blame you for being angry, surely that post cannot have been yesterday, utter madness !!!

    I have long held the belief that some police get off on telling people what to do and yet bend the rules to suit themselves they are after all human just like us. x

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