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Corona virus

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    As one who has worked in healthcare I can say that, with myself, the clapping would just wash over me. It was easy to see when someone I visited really appreciated me being there and that was what made my day. The eyes and body language say it all. Far more than any acknowlegement from above or elsewhere. My feeling is that ‘clapping for carers’ is more about giving people something to do or to take their mind off the horror of it all rather than directly support the carers. After all ‘carers’ in the current context is a very wide group.


    I would have been upset reading about the puppy as well.  If I were the owner, I would have tried going into a neighboring state with different essential services.  Here in CO, veterinary services are considered essential as well as plumbing and electrical.  Construction is also deemed essential.  Liquor stores and recreational marijuana businesses are also essential…go figure.

    The NRA is in the process of suing several states who have closed gun stores…yeah, it’s essential for those guarding all that toilet paper.


    Not sure what this has to do with our town, but a nice thought I suppose.. [attachment file=”DSCN6148 (2).jpg”]



    I am never too sure about that type of art. Personally I prefer the old quaint town look but I suppose that building is a bit too modern and boring anyway :/


    [quote quote=210465]I am never too sure about that type of art. Personally I prefer the old quaint town look but I suppose that building is a bit too modern and boring anyway :/


    Our town gives graffiti artists some spaces to display their work this one is on the end wall of a local newpaper office and print.


    So how is it all working out?

    Here the intelligent lockdown is being eased slightly… Notice I say slightly but it seems that either the word slightly got mistranslated between Mr Ruttes mouth and the  ears of the people or their brains have shrunken during the lockdown because today (the first shopping day after easing) was an absolute nightmare.

    My daughter is 31 she had to go home and sleep she was so emotional she almost cried. People walking right up to us trying to barge past and ignoring social distancing all together. I was shocked. It seems the nation has lost its manners totally while they have been staying away from the shops.

    I think the second wave is coming. Im sorry but I really think all these people rushing out and getting haircuts, going to sports class ( outside only) and chatting outside the school gates even though its not allowed will be the next victims.. oh and of course they will infect  the people they barge into at the supermarket.

    I have become a very grumpy person when people invade my space…One elderly man tried to come into the shop via the exit door today ..I held the plam of my hand up… ‘NO this is the EXIT’.. Another guy tried to barge past again the plam and he was told ‘WAIT’…. He was like a scolded puppy!  The next was a lady who tried to reach past me into a fridge, in my best highly affronted tone of voice…’Well excuse me..its 1.5 mtrs not 1.5 inches madam’…

    Please Mr Rutte bring back the lockdown….Or else I think I might need a padded cell.


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    I have become very negative to the news and hardly see or read any now.


    My best friend, Vicky, telephoned me last night, scared she has coronavirus. I advised she phone 111 – which she did – and a nurse visited her within 6 hours of that call. I shall check up on my friend: the thought she could have the virus and die is horrible. But I have to hope. It may NOT be the coronavirus. I pray it isn’t. But if it is, then my friend will have the best care in hospital.

    I am upset but have hope and know the doctors and nurses are doing their best.


    @KitKatKitty  Keeping my fingers crossed for your friend that it really isn’t covered do keep us updated.


    Try not to dwell on it Kitty. Most people who get it recover without problem, just like flu.


    Well today our local hospital closed its covid wards. There are no more patients and there are no new cases.

    However the  hospital spokesperson said the wards would be kept ready for the second wave and that we in the North should not relax just because we got off lightly this time.

    More chicken and egg situations..

    Some people are now saying lockdown was not necssary because in the end it wasnt that bad,

    others are saying the only reason it wasnt bad was because of lockdown.

    Will we ever know?


    I’ve been working from home the last 2.5 months.  I’ve also had to visit one of my work sites several times during that time.  Friday, while at that site, I was informed that our site manager at my normal work site said we could come back at any time.  So, I’m lugging my laptop back to the office tomorrow.


    When I used to work at home I never found that I was as productive as when at work due to distractions. Before we went all ‘open plan’ and constant connectivity with telephones ringing which needed answering and lots of chatter my office at work was generally a very quiet and peaceful place in which I could concentrate. Some people like ‘hustle and bustle’ but I like to think. I am not totally solitary but do tend to do my best work when I can concentrate rather than under constant stress.


    Both my son and my daughter have loved working from home and hope it continues ..

    They too are bothered by the openplan  gossipy nature of the office and do much better when not faced with distractions.



    My best friend is still lying in a hopsital bed and is in a coma. My other best friend told me over the phone earlier. We are devastated. There is a chance Vicky will pull through. But it looks bad.

    It is so strange and bizarre to think about Vicky being dead. I can’t get a grip on it: it doesn’t seem real. I just hold onto the fact God is there for her. That she will go to the angels if she dies. I still can’t get my head around it. I suppose the tears will come, but I hope they are tears of happiness when she gets out of her coma and recovers.

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