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Corona virus

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    Corona virus is a too much controversal topic. The people goes in panic and the scare is most dangerous that virus! Stupid person always looking pretext for make stupid things and the racist for attack someone. Speculator wont take advantage of every situation.

    The political make politica, the media make show and big farma or big holding make money. For us,common people this is too much big!

    I think that we can do the our best for feel good and try don’t become a veicle of covid. We can do usual things but more consciously .To use gloves,  to wear mask, to wash often our hands and make nothing that not necessary.

    During my long lockdown, closed in my house with my son and daughter, I had praied ,eated and loved much…and clean very well my house too .I’m not Giulia Roberts



    Ops…I’m sorry for my gaffe…I wasn’t see that I was reading the first page of this topic. Obviously I can’t readed all pages ( I’ll need one month ) but I wont to say that I’m sorry for your friends or relatives now are in sofference. I hope they can to heal🙏


    @Lafr  I think you are right that some people will take advantage and many have , thinking about the bottles of hand sanitizer that I buy all the time (handy when out walking dogs) they shot up in price like gold.

    I had some and refused to buy any at inflated prices but many people were so scared that they did.

    Then there were the leaders and still are who talk total rubbish and are interested only in supporting big business instead of caring for people.

    Of course there are always the racist idiots who will try to blame this on a particular race of person and say they were dirty and thats how it spread, nonsense of course but when people are scared sanity goes out the window.


    I think your advice of not letting ourselves become a vehicle for the virus to spread is a very sensible one and I know I have been doing my very best to make sure I pose no threat to anyone around me and that I keep myself and my family out of harms way.

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    Agreed, cassandra. You’re right to stay safe.


    OH has an appointment for a corona test tomorrow morning.

    He has a lung condition and had a heart attack in 2014  so we knew he was a vunerable person . For the last two nights he has been very sweaty although fine during the day,  this morning he started getting sharp stabbing pains in his chest so we phoned the GP and they saw us straight away..

    His sats were 94 she says if they drop below 92 he must go into hospital his left lung has an infection and she feels the pain is from pleurisy..

    If he tests positive they will do a CT scan she doesnt think he will but of course no one is taking any risks.

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    Good luck with the tests Cassandra. I hope he is Ok and recovers soon x




    He had his test this morning he said they tried to scrape his brain out with a Qtip.. Not nice.

    To be honest I dont think its covid I think its related to his dementia as he has had a couple of incidents of aspiration. Typical for his illness but it could easily cause a pneumonia.

    After starting his meds last night his sats are back up to 98/99 except after exertion then they drop briefly to 93-95 but recover within moments.

    They have tld him to stay home away from people (we do that anyway) and they will let us know the result in 48hours


    Yeah, I’ve heard those COVID-19 tests can be pretty unpleasant.  I hope everything goes well, Cassandra.


    Just got the call OH is negative.. It just the pleurisy and pneumonia on one side should clear with antibiotics ..

    Amazing in these times what you can be happy about.


    I’m so glad Cassandra! Not good but at least something they are able to sort. I hope he recovers well.


    So there have been no deaths in Friesland for 6 weeks now and only 3 new cases social distancing and masks are working but there is a real chance people will get too relaxed and it will flare up again..And while I was thinking concert goers or holiday makers it seems the God squad are also a risk…

    I did not realise but was made aware by someone yesterday  posting about thier battle of faith with regard to wearing a face mask that some Christians are thinking that wearing a face mask/ taking precautions means they have lost faith in God.

    Good grief. The pope hid, over 50 priests are dead and most now wear masks what is there to debate about?

    Even the bible gives clear instructions .. Romans 13:1-2 says: “Obey the government, for God is the One who has put it there. There is no government anywhere that God has not placed in power. So those who refuse to obey the law of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.”

    Although if anyone does think they want to trust God rather than science could I ask one thing? Please make an advance directive stating that you have 100% faith in God and wont be requiring that ICU bed.. That way it can be saved for someone who prefers to trust science.


    when this first came out, I was very angry at the media for constantly reporting the worst of the worst.. you know, this many cases, this many deaths, never what was being done to try and slow it down (or interviews with anyone who survived it to give people hope)


    I also strongly believe that things are being handled too quickly


    yes: it is important to get the country back to work, and back to a normalish life, but it’s stiill very much an issue- give it a month or 2 and I would think we’re back in lockdown


    and boris, who had the virus himself, I thought he’d be a little more careful


    places like theme parks (where it’s easy for a virus to spread) are open, and it’s the same with bowling alleys and theaters.


    enjoy it while it lasts, people. of course I could  be wrong, but the kids go back to school in september, it will all start again I think.


    The whole process seems to be to reduce the chance of infection until a vaccine has been developed. If no vaccine is developed in the near future then everyone will be exposed sooner or later. It’s just needing the health services to cope.

    I remember early on the restriction measures were stated as being put into place until the health service was organised. The goalposts regularly change as the government tries to control what is a natural event.

    As an aside I might add that, similar to the control of other natural events like preditors keeping prey pests to a low level leading to an increase in pests, controlling this one may well have natural repercussions. These will become clear in due course :/


    Here we had what was called intelligent lockdown , shops stayed open but bars museums places where people would meet in groups closed.

    Since they were allowed to re-open and the summer holidays came along people have forgotten the rules and the infection rate is heading skywards. Im glad the UK has put us on the orange list of countries because it means less tourists and less tourists mean less risk in both directions.

    Now the summer is drawing to a close I think we will be able to get the infection rate back down simply because people will go back to the normal routine of kids at school , work 9-5 and shopping once or twice a week. That way they are not getting together socialy for BBQ’s parties  at the beach or bar.


    Ive been invited to my half brothers wedding,  there are only 15 people including the bride and groom.. We have said yes to the ceramony and the toast afterwards where we know we can distance or wear face masks but no to the sit down dinner. The others are all from the same area (Amsterdam) and have regular contact with each other but we are from the other end of the country and they are not in our normal social bubble. In my town there have been 3 cases in the last week in A’dam its now at 100 a day..

    To go to dinner would be an unacceptable risk in my eyes, but I know lots of people would not see past the special occasion and would go anyway.


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    I have just read that scientists have confirmed the first case of wee infection in a man from Hong Kong.

    He had covid-19 for the first time in April of this year,  he is now really infected however the scientists have compared samples taken in April  to samples taken from the man now and the samples differ,  showing that the virus has changed and adapted.


    Bang goes any thoughts we had of herd immunity,  by the time we all  got the virus it would have adapted.

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