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Corona virus

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    It’s a bit like flu with which the virus regularly changes. It’s probably around for good now. It may have been around for some while anyway and it might be a bad strain that showed it up. I am still pretty much on the fence about lockdown. It’s not something that would readily happen but if everyone were sensible it may never have had to have been. I have no read the details but Sweden sounds to have been no worse without any lockdown.


    I dont think we can really compare a place like Sweden or Friesland to a place like London or Los Angeles. Here if  you live outside the major city its easy to avoid contact,  the cows and sheep outnumber the people so it cant be compared to London.

    Sweden has had about the same amounts of deaths as the Netherland but they only have a population of about 10 million, the Netherlands is 17million  so their policy has worked to some extent but only because they are in a smaller less crowded country  The Dutch took the intelligent lockdown policy and that has helped.

    One thing I think was totally stupid was allowing forgien holidays. We only have to look at the places now seeing spikes to know allowing tourists was not a good idea, Spain, parts of  France and Amsterdam are all paying the price of letting visitors in. Spain has bought in the army to help track people who might be infected


    People just couldnt stop themselves couldnt stay at home for one holiday, no they jumped on planes and jetted off spreading the virus as they went.

    Mind you my mum has decided that the whole travel industry is in cahoots.. She said,  they opened Spain but a week later closed it at the drop of a hat so everyone had to buy new tickets to get home, then they did the same with France and NL now they’ve done it with Croatia and next week, just watch it will be Portugal…. Shes convinced all the rush to get home buying tickets at 2 or 3 times the normal price is one way for airlines to regain income..

    I cant say I disagree but I have absolutly zero sympathy for anyone caught out.. Of course we would all like to travel.. My mum is in London I cant visit even though her life hangs by a thread all the time ,, I havent seen my grandchildren for a year but again travelling is too risky I might give my son covid or bring it home to OH, they are both vunerable.. If I can control myself and deny myself the chance to visit family Im damn sure people could manage one year without a forgien beach.

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    Yes it is a bit like that here as it is the towns and cities where the main problems are. Even if I were in lockdown I could easily go out and avoid getting within 10 metres of anyone at the closest and mostly be far more distant. We have had cases in the village but it is mainly notable as people who have caught it than anything worse. I think the tourist industry will be messed up for some considerable time though and the confusing setup with offering half price meals here for a few days a week is a bit shortsighted. Many people have just gone out to get what they can while it is cheap and may well be unlikely to continue at full price. Until things calm down nothing will be really normal.


    Finally some good to have come of all this.. Yes the infecton rate is falling since we got put on the orange no travel list but better than that..


    Today it was announced that as of march 2021 all mink farms will be closed. There was due to be an end to mink farming by 2024 but  the infections passed through mink farms had caused the govt to do a re-think and close them all sooner.  To my shame there are 110 farms in this country breeding and housing  thousands of animals to be slaughtered for their fur .

    Why? so that rich vain women can look ugly in a fur coat that suited an animal far better..

    If this is the only good to come out of covid, I am still happy about it.


    positive news like this is always good to read about. thanks for sharing


    I am sure if we thought about it their are other positives to come out of kovid.

    things like people paying more attention to hygiene, or comunities looking after the most vunnerable residents by making sure they have what they need.






    it’s like everything else people have got LAX they are not washing their hands as they used to they are touching their masks they are not wearing them as they should do the amount of chin masks and half mast masks we see is ridiculous.

    and then of course they all went off on a jolly holiday group together in pubs clubs and bars with god knows how many strangers and flew back on aeroplanes all together they were asking for trouble and I have absolutely no sympathy with anyone who breaks the rules and gets infected just stay the hell away from me …


    [quote quote=216922]this is also pretty sad:


    I’m sorry to say I have absolutely no sympathy for him he knew exactly what he was doing.

    I feel sorry for the people that he may have infected , people who tried to obey the rules and were infected by this arrogant young man .



    She’s going to be really well fed on those 40 pot noodles.

    having lived in a village where the nearest shop was about 5 miles away I’ve learned to have a store cupboard which means I have a certain amount of spaghetti and pasta sauce and rice and tins of things for emergencies.

    having three children one of whom was extremely accident-prone means I’ve always had a well stocked first aid box

    No panic buying no stockpiling just our normal well stocked larder and now store that we always have..


    …soooo glad I bought a bidet last time around.


    No panic buying here either. I have always tended to buy a larger pack of toilet rolls every time which lasts for weeks. I also have plenty of dried food and frozen veg in plus quite a few tins so no problems. At worst it just means a change of diet for a while.

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