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Corona virus

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    it was the masks that made me laugh


    200 of them, so she can give them to friends as christmas presents

    somehow I think most of her friends (if they go out) probably all ready has one (or several)


    and I don’t panic by either


    [quote quote=215333]There was due to be an end to mink farming by 2024 but  the infections passed through mink farms had caused the govt to do a re-think and close them all sooner.[/quote]
    I guess, we’re having the same problem here in Utah, a neighboring state…at least 8,000 mink are dead from COVID-19.  🙁


    The rate of infection here is now at scary levels. In our town of 100,000 there were 42 new infections yesterday .In July-Aug we went 6 weeks without a single new case.

    The anti mask brigade is loud although Im not sure how many would refuse and how many are just the average loud mouthed keyboard warrior type.

    At the moment the government can only strongly advise wearing face masks because our law does not allow them to demand it until it has passed through the government by vote. Sadly there are Trump types in our parliment too screaming that its all fake news masks are just useless but a ploy by governement to scare us into submission ( I’ve yet to discover what from or why).

    Meanwhile we have issued a message to all our neighbours and friends that we are shielding and NOT accepting visitors. OH has had two bouts of pneumonia this year. He wouldnt survive covid.


    Good luck Cassandra! x


    I’m writing a few connected short stories where an island nation goes on strict lockdown early in the pandemic. I wonder if that’s what should have been done in Canada. The talk in my province was about flattening a curve back in the spring and now it’s about bending the curve back. There may have been an error in reopening businesses this summer. I think the focus on the economy comes at the expense of the people, and that messes up the economy too…

    All that said while being a regular citizen and not having the pressure of running a country or region. My view may be too simplistic!


    It’s pretty similar here too Rebecca. I think it is in many places. Trying to control nature is difficult and maybe almost impossible. The virus will still be hiding, ready to come back. Although I don’t go for extremist my thoughts do go more toward allowing sensible mixing and more to keeping the vulnerable safe now as mass immunity is maybe, at least in the near future, the only real protection.


    This country tried intelligent lock down allowing a limited social interaction hoping that herd immunity would kick in…Its failed big time,  we now have 40,000 new infection per week. In a country of only 17 million thats a lot.

    People who have had the virus are getting it again because like most viruses this one will change and change again, and  if we havent beaten the common cold yet what makes us think we can defeat this in a matter of a few months?

    As a result of the soft approach not workingwe now have a closure of bars and restaurants , teams sports are at a stop and there is no alcohol sold after 8pm. Journeys are to be limited and mixing is stricter than ever 3 guests max per DAY at home with the group not exceeding 4. So if you are a couple you can in fact only have 2 guests, if youre a family with one child over 13 then you count as 3 and may only have 1 addtional guest.

    Face masks are about to be law. They will be required in all shops/doctors /hospitals/ airports /stations and covered public spaces as well as the current rule making it required on public transport.


    People wouldnt listen, they wouldnt stay home, they wouldnt avoid the parties, the BBQs, the holidays, the beach, and this is where its left us..

    Hospitals are delaying routine treatments extra beds are being readied and staff are back on high alert.


    I thought I’d revive this thread with a bit of cheer.  Y’all in the UK and elsewhere in Europe have probably already seen these videos, but I thought I’d share them anyhow.  This family has made COVID parodies of popular songs.  Their parody of “Dance Monkey” had me in tears!  Here’s a link to their YouTube Channel, where you can see them all.



    that looks like a fun thing to do a little later


    love parodies


    This is the one I saw the other day… Loved it


    For some reason: I’m not sick. So many people have caught the deadly virus, yet I have not. It could be because:

    1. I avoid public transport
    2. I don’t go into shops regularly
    3. I wear my mask daily
    4. I wash my hands like a religion
    5. I social distance
    6. Perhaps I also have a strong immune system

    I could still get COVID-19 but as long as I take precautions, the risk is lowered. I will be having the vaccine within the next few months. I am waiting for my GP to refer me for the jab. But I have to be a priority case. My GP is not stupid and she knows I’ll need the injection soon. But she has a lot of other patients who are higher risk of COVID-19 and she has to deal with them first.

    That reminds me: when lockdown ends, I will have to have a number of medical appointments made. I will also need to have a checkup at the dentist. The list goes on. Plus, my charity job will resume. Once everyone has had the vaccination, then life – hopefully – will return to normal.

    Take care and take precautions.


    I’ve cut back on a lot of things as well, though I find it’s not too hard to give up most of those because I need less social time in person than some others! 😉 (Plus I’m motivated to have this pandemic done already!) I didn’t use public transport before (though I likely would if we lived in a large city) and have tried to shop online rather than in-person for as many things as possible. Mostly I’m just going back and forth for food or things at the pharmacy. We do go to the library now and then, though we’re bringing home a lot of things and keeping them longer, thanks to long loan periods. And a strong immune system is a great advantage!

    I do have a dentist appointment booked finally, but it isn’t until the beginning of April! It’s taking the office a while to catch up from last year’s time of shutting down until they could be safe again. I need to remember to contact them to get the kids in as well.


    Christine Whiley’s disabled daughter, Frances, has got COVID-19. It is such a scary time for all the world. I am praying I do not catch it. I love my health too much to risk doing anything social.

    Everyone on the globe is in my prayers.


    at kit cat kitty: don’t you mean joe whiley? (she’s a dj)


    not sure I’ve heard of a christine, but feel free to fill me in.


    Christine is Jo Whiley’s mum. Frances is Jo’s sister.

    My dad saw Jo on the BBC News today, saying how she’d been offered a vaccination, whereas Frances hadn’t been. But there’s been good news: Frances is on the mend. I know she’ll pull through. She is very disabled but everyone loves her. Christine must’ve had the shock of her life when Frances was infected with COVID-19. It is truly scary.

    It goes to show how important these social rules are.

Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 113 total)
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